How a Geotechnical engineer turned into baker.

Digitalization which making the great impact the way of marketing done through the Electronic mode called E-Commerce. E-Commerce which is the trending word currently on the market. Everyone wants to take the fruits of the E-commerce, by grabbing the chance. In the recent report by the Indian Institute of E-Commerce stated that the country is going to generate $100 million by 2021, from the online retails.

The founder of the cake central is one of them among the people who wanna use the best of the E-commerce, to help their business to grow. Everyone will have the passion for something, that trigger to take bold decisions. The same thing happened with the founder of  ‘The cake central’ Mercy raj pranavi she is from Hyderabad. The startup started recently on 17th may 2018, which is running successfully through the online and offline. The firm is very passionate to deliver the best-baked goods with the finest quality and taste to the customers. The startup is looking to set up the team and provide the best services to the clients. Her story in her words

1. What was your incentive for starting up? What were you doing previously with your life?

I have always liked baking even before I started off. I loved eating baked stuff. I am a civil engineer by profession and I am currently working as a Geotechnical engineer for an organization.

The Cake Central Lgo

2. What sparked the idea for The Cake Central?

I attended a chocolate and cake making workshop once and it sparked an interest in me. As soon as the class was done, I went to the store and bought all the necessary stuff for baking. The very next day I baked a cake, and it came out good. I didn’t stop. I attended more workshops with La Cerise Culinary studios, Sumeru Creations, Choc-o-lock. I baked for almost every day since then. I took many orders even before I had THE CAKE CENTRAL. I aspired to be an entrepreneur from my teens. So I thought this is a great opportunity to live my dream. And hence THE CAKE CENTRAL. It took a few months to put everything together before launching it.

The Central Cake

3. Whom do you consider prime competition for The Cake Central? What do you think makes you stand apart from them?

There are a number of home bakers in Hyderabad. I consider all of them as my competitors. I do not compromise on the quality of the products. There were times I had to bake all over again because I was unsatisfied with the output. The quality is as important as the taste is what I believe. I don’t limit myself to the conventional flavors of cake. I try many different flavors which are included in the menu.

4. In today’s landscape of fierce e-commerce competition, how do stay on top of logistical coordination while overcoming the challenges that come with delivering freshly baked Cakes? 

It is not an easy task to stay on the top of the charts, especially when there is a huge increase in the online market. Online stores are better in a way because we can cater to a large customer base. As everyone else, I would want my business to grow big. But the driving force for The Cake Central is to deliver the best-baked goods with the finest quality and taste.

The Cake

5. What were the biggest challenges you had to face in the early days of starting The Cake Central? How did you overcome them?

There were many challenges in the early days. Very few people knew we actually existed. Not much publicity and hence not many orders. And hence we started baking and sending samples to people we know. I don’t say I have overcome every challenge because I get new challenges every single day. One of the biggest challenges we still face is delivering the products to the client’s location. It’s the most common challenge to many home bakers

The Cake

6. How has life changed post starting up?

Life has become very exciting. I don’t love baking, I live it now. Taking up every task, learning new things is a major part of my life now. Every day, there is a new challenge. But still, the motivation to bake keeps me up.

7. How did you secure funding for your venture?

I and my husband both are working. We started off with our savings. Now as we have an inflow of money through orders, we are able to support the venture.

The Cake

8. What does the Future Plans for The Cake Central?

I would want to see THE CAKE CENTRAL outlet with a customizable menu. The client gets to choose the flavor, frosting, shape etc. and to come up with my own version of healthy cakes (gluten-free, sugar-free). That’s what I plan for. And I would do my best to see that come true.

The products we bake are free of preservatives and stabilizers. I bake on the same day of order delivery. I and my husband make sure we start our order with prayer and it works every time. Even for the samples, I baked with the same precision as any of my orders. I read, “BAKING IS LOVE MADE EDIBLE.’ and I totally believe it. So I want to spread the love through baking!! :p

Here are few of my accomplishments so far.

1. 1000 assorted cupcakes for a wedding reception.
2. Tie up with a corporate company to deliver orders on a monthly basis.

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  1. I love u r competitive spirit, spread ing love through prayer..No matter it is baking or any deed,as yourself i too love that to be started with prayer…GOD bless you in your mission my child!


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