The Amazing Interview with Dr. Rashel, Founder’s Pravin Bhimji Bera and Devji Meghji Hathiyani

Founder’s Introduction.

Dr. Rashel is a beauty wellness brand founded by Pravin Bhimji Bera and Devji Meghji Hathiyani.

We are passionate about making affordable, high-performance products for skin, body, and hair care. Both Devji Bhai and Pravin Bhimji Bera came from a farming background. Pravin Bhimji Bera was born in 1983 in Dabhunda village in Kutch, Gujarat, and raised by my mother & uncle after my father passed away when I was nine months old.

Devji Bhai was born in 1989 in a village named Adhoi in Kutch, Gujarat. We are thankful to the Patel community for their support to help the community upgrade economically and socially. Both of them were given an opportunity and were identified as promising candidates for city business and were given opportunities to be brought into Mumbai to start a career in the business they worked in. I dropped out of school in 11th grade and moved to Mumbai, where Pravin Bhimji Bera started working as a salesman in a clothing store. he later joined my elder brother in running a Kirana store in Borivali and expanded the business to include another shop in Sion, where Pravin Bhimji Bera met Devji Bhai in 2007.

Devji Bhai worked as a salesman in a Retail cosmetic shop in Powai and then moved to a bigger shop before becoming a top salesman in a shop in Mussafir Khaana. Devji Bhai’s used to catch a train from Sion and found space to park his scooter just outside of Pravin Bhimji Bera shop and that is where we got to know each other. Devji bhai convinced Pravin Bhimji Bera to leave my Kirana store and join him. The rest is history!

Headquarters, and Year of the Establishment.

Together, Devji and Pravin Bhimji Bera started Kavya Cosmetics and eventually went on to start Petrol Perfume. they rented a place in Vasai and started manufacturing for Petrol Perfume, which became popular because, at the time, there were few Indian-made products in the market

Dr. Rashel as a brand was conceptualized in 2013 in India under the parent company Petrol Perfume. The company’s headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Idea and Concept

The Patel community believes in this ideology for success which is “Kann mein se Mann” banta hai which means that every single grain has the potential to yield an entire harvest. they realized that when an imported product was sold, it would be sold ‘Per Piece’ wise whereas an Indian product would always be sold in dozens given the potential.

The both of them got convinced in the huge potential for beauty and personal care products in India given our experience and background in retail and wholesale beauty business. The rising demand for high-quality international skincare products and cosmetic brands inspired us to break this cycle and make our own manufactured brand in India that would meet international standards and they have value for money, and affordable pricing so that could be accessible to a larger audience.

They started with scrubs and creams only and used to sell our products to distributors and wholesalers so that they could reach the corners of the country. In continuation of the spirit of the community of helping each other, they extended longer credit periods to people who wanted to make a mark in this industry, and that way the distributor and wholesaler network grew at a rapid phase. This was a game-changer for them.

Innovation and uniqueness.

What makes Dr. Rashel unique is its commitment to providing affordable and high-quality skincare products to its customers. The brand uses natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to create high-performance products that are accessible to everyone.

Dr. Rashel’s products are made with 100% naturally derived actives, which is a true beauty Elixir & a perfect combination of science and nature. All products are clean, safe, dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, and free from SLS, parabens, silicones, or mineral oils. Additionally, they have our own in-house manufacturing unit with an 18-member strong team in research and development and an in-house laboratory. We have a good retail presence and distribution network with the widest range of products.

Mission and Vision.

Dr. Rashel’s mission and vision are to make the best personal care products available to everyone at affordable prices. The brand believes that beauty is not limited to the color of skin, the shape of the body, or gender. It aims to give its customers confidence and a positive view of their own inner beauty so that they can see natural beauty in themselves and in the world around them and live a beautiful life our Brand positioning and tagline is ‘Life is BeYOUtiful’

Products and Services.

Dr. Rashel offers a dynamic line of quality high-performance skincare, hair care, and body care products spanning 25+ categories and 300+ variants & counting.

Current problem and solutions

The current problem in the sector is that many personal care products contain harmful chemicals that can cause adverse effects on the skin and body. Dr. Rashel provides solutions by offering clean, safe, and natural personal care products that are free from harmful chemicals.

Market and target audience

Our primary target market is women and men aged 18 and above. The personal care market in India is estimated to be 25000 Crores in 2022 and is expected to reach 33,000 Crores by 2027, from a huge demand coming from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The Industry is growing at an estimated rate of 6.32% and we have been doubling our sale year on year.

Success so far, Achievements, and Milestones.

Dr. Rashel has achieved many milestones since its inception, including expanding its reach to over 3,25,000 retail outlets through more than 1500 distributors pan India.

They have an ambitious product development team who has come up with more than 300+ SKUs and are all set to launch a holistic Hair care regime in the next quarter.

About your last funding round.

Dr. Rashel is a self-funded company, and as founders, Devji, and Pravin Bhimji Bera have worked for years to build the business from the ground up. They have taken Bank loans to fuel our expansion plans. They are looking for like-minded investors to collaborate and be part of our growth story.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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