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Meet Rajveer Yadav, a 22 Year old Developer, who is changing the rules of the Game.

  1. Introduction about the Founder/CEO

Well, (Rajveer Yadav) I would like to introduce myself as a problem solver, because that’s basically what I have been doing for the past 16 years. Born in a small village, Lauwa to a family of farmers, I am the fifth child of my parents. I come from a family of farmers, my father was a farmer, so was my grandfather, and so were his fathers and grandfathers before him. My father shifted to a nearby small town, soon after my birth in search of a job as farming was not enough to make our ends meet.

I was raised in Siliguri, where I pursued my education until I had to leave school.

  1. Startup Introduction

Currently I am serving as the Chief Executive officer of Yadav Investments Private Limited, a company I founded back in 2020. Headquartered in Siliguri, we work on managing investments and providing affordable housing for middle and lower income groups. You might think how these unrelated work is being carried out simultaneously. Let me break it to you, it’s not. Having a piece of land on which you can build a house is a great investment, especially in tier two cities, where the returns beat other, similar risk investment opportunities by a huge margin.

  1. The idea or concept for the startup?

Real Estate sector is a highly unorganised sector in our country. You will agree with me if you have ever tried to get your hands on a property. It’s a mess, if you ask me. I encountered the same issue, when I tried to buy a few properties for myself a few years ago. It’s then when I decided that there is an untapped market and something could be done about it.

  1. Innovation or unique the startup?

We are primarily serving the middle and lower income group, a section who had almost no access to this market. Most Banks were not interested in giving loans for buying freehold properties, and a few who were, their documentation was distressing. We have bridged this gap, we are in talks with a few NBFCs as well to make it even easier.

And even if this is not enough, we have introduced “extended payment plans” for people who are casual workers or do not have steady income to get a bank loan. It is also encouraging saving and investing habits.

  1. Mission and Vision

I wanted “real estate investment” accessible to all segments of the society. Now you don’t just have a home. You have an asset class, which not only beats inflation, but has lower risk and higher reward in its category.

  1. About the products & services

We offer investment properties, construction services, consultation, and help our customers to get hassle free loans. We manage our clients properties post sales, and help them flip properties.

  1. The current problem and solvation

Real Estate development till today remains a problem as the market is unorganised, also no big players are actually solving this problem. We have been solving this problem in over 7 districts now, and have seen substantial growth in the past 8 quarters. People trust us, and so far we have delivered more than what we promised.

  1. The Market and the target audience

It’s actually hard to put a size or a number on the market size, so I won’t take an impossible shot, but I can assure you, it is enough to create a giant conglomerate. The Indian middle class is probably the largest in the world and so does the demand for affordable housing.

  1. Achievements and Milestones

We have successfully completed multiple projects in the city and nearby districts and are looking to expand in nearby cities.

  1. About the funding

We are not looking to raise funds anytime soon, since we have enough funds for expansion. The startup is bootstrapped, besides we have clients who are now turning into our shareholders.

What do you think?

Written by Ravi Tilekar


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