BEFACH 4x startup is solving Hard Water Problems with affordable price.

Dcal Founders

Water is one of the natural elements among the five, most important for our survival. The water availability and the softness will differ from place to place. In the country, the majority of what we use is hard water, in metropolitan cities, it is even higher. Hard water means the water having high amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium elements.

The main issue in recent days with the hard water, this is hassle problem and in a study in the year 2014, told that hard water is responsible for the development of the bacteria in it. The United States of America geological survey declared 85% of homes suffering from hard water problem. To figure out this problem Uday Nadiwade and his friend Rajesh Saraf, came up with a device which will remove the hardness of water.

The reason behind the startup:

When we asked the founder about the reason behind the start of the company, he replied I purchased a new house in the Hyderabad, after some days the fittings in bathroom taps, tiles, and utensils in the kitchen all are calcified, and it’s difficult to use them.

The problem which I am facing is with many houses in the city and country. Once I shared my hard water problem with my friend who is Co-founder of the company Rajesh Saraf, he told that he installed a water softener in the house to solve the issue, which is very expensive. Within a year of usage, I stopped using the softener due to high maintenance and regeneration.

As my background is product development and Rajesh from sales and marketing background we thought to design and develop a product which should reach market requirements; so we came up with softener with the name D’Cal hard water solution. The company registered under the name of BEFACH 4x Pvt Ltd, which is located in Hyderabad.

About the company:

The startup D’Cal made a revolution and reinvented the product to clean hard water. This solution is giving the opportunity to each house to be safe from the hard water problems in different parts of the country.

The founders made the product in such a way that Better, Faster or cheaper than 4x times than other products in the market. So they named as BEFACH products, many products going to come under the brand or company name of BEFACH only in the coming up days. They decided if they sell a product it should be a BEFACH or nothing. We have softeners in the market, but they are expensive, high maintenance, difficult to use, so we decided to design the product in such a way that it should be low cost, easy to use, and effective.

We two did research and tested our products in various labs; after all, we designed D’Cal with no maintenance, no installation, and no water and electricity wastage. D’Cal is a very light weighted product, and it will look like a water bottle. The product needs to be dropped in the water tank so it will remove all the hardness of the water, with that no need of maintenance and wastage of water.

Why D’Cal?

When we asked about the why we should go for D’Cal the Uday replied there are some points which will make us choose.

No maintenance,

No Regeneration,

No Plumbing,

No High Cost,

No Water Wastage,

No Electricity Required.

Comparison of D’Cal with the softeners:

Dcal Comaprison
Image source:(

Uday may I know the Life & cost of the D’Cal?

Ya sure, Devender it will depend on the usage of water by the house. The actual life of the product is 12 months from the time we place the product in the water tank. If the softener flows on the water then, it is a sign that we should replace the D’Cal water softener product.

The pricing of the product is very less when we compare to the other softeners on the market. It costs only 2700 rupees without any maintenance.

Dcal Product

What are the ways to purchase this product?

If you want to buy the product, you can order directly from our website


You can purchase from Amazon by searching the D’Cal water softener.

Can we expect any new products from BEACH 4x?

Yes, of course, we are coming with the new various products under the brand name of BEFACH 4x.

The next product we are coming up with is low-cost drinking water solution. With this, we can reduce the cost of a portable water bottle from 15 Rupees/liter to 50 Paisa/liter. With these, there is no need for buying water cans for drinking water. The water solution will purify any water; it may be tap or bore water.

Another product we are going to introduce in the market is Diabetic white rice. This product developed especially for diabetic patients who can’t eat the white rice every day. The rice has proven and certified that the rice is having 50% lesser carbohydrates; we are providing the certificate, and lab report on the package. The taste will be the same as regular Sona Massor rice.

We are growing at a faster rate, getting regular orders from the customers and positive response from customers. With the support from customers, we are coming up with new products in the future, which are under development.

The BEFACH 4X PRIVATE LIMITED is recognized as a Startup by the Department of Industiral Policy and Promotion.

Thank you, Uday Nadiwade for sharing your opinions. It’s great talking to you.



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Written by Devender Jadi


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  1. Uday .. myself Tanmay Mandal your batchmate of MNREC…At first I want to congratulate you for your new company..and wish you every success in the coming year. Now I am in PHED WB,Posted in Kolkata. Just one question.. Is the product D’CAL complies with certain Indian or international product..and the capacity range of the product.


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