How a 19 year old is taking the Indian fintech sector by storm.

Savart Founder

Mutual fund investments are the in-thing right now. Almost every individual looking to plan their financial future is in some sort of contact with mutual funds. It comes with good reason too, as this investment instrument is rich in returns. When it comes to beginner investors, however, mutual fund investments can be tricky, requiring infinite amounts of patience, research, and proper guidance. Thankfully, due to daily groundbreaking advancements in technology, almost everything can now be automated, and it is exactly the same case with mutual fund investments.

Sankarsh Chanda, an engineer at heart, and a student of Bennett University has already started turning heads in the Indian fintech sector at a mere age of 19. His project, Savart is aimed at helping the average person, with little to no knowledge of stock markets and mutual funds, grow his/her savings with calculated investments in all the right instruments, and make the process as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee.

While most students like Sankarsh would be out there looking for jobs that they would surely despise in the coming future, he chose to follow a different path. Instead of channeling all his energy towards a system that would have surely beaten him to a pulp, he set out on a journey in the financial world, to take on the behemoths who, so to speak, haven’t been fair to the general population. Having started investing at the age of 14 itself, Sankarsh has 5 years’ experience in markets and is channeling that experience toward a fruitful venture.

The aim of Savart:

Savart aims to provide uncompromising advice to investors new and old, irrespective of their investment amount, age or experience. Curating an investor-friendly experience is what Sankarsh wishes to achieve. Inculcating a spirit of saving hard earned money and then putting that money into investments that actually work is what Savart hopes to accomplish.

Whatever is happening behind the curtain certainly seems to be working, with several high net worth and retail clients under Savart’s belt. With professionally curated service aimed at making investments as easy as pie, Savart provides customers with an effective investment management tool to relieve all their financial headaches.

At Savart, customers are valued more than anything else. Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority, and to achieve that, they have in place an Emotional, Financial and General analysis to understand customer needs and recommend investment opportunities tailored to suit their financial position. After all, investing in the right place, right time and the right amount leads to maximized returns and minimized fuss. Personal details of customers are stored securely, and stocks recommended to them are verified to be legitimate sources of returns.

How does it all work?

Savart follows a very streamlined process, one that makes it most convenient for users to start investing. With both mobile app and website based interfaces, Savart offers something to every type of user. Upon accessing either the mobile app or the website, users can sign up using their email IDs or mobile numbers, and then complete their KYCs. Savart also provides a doorstep KYC facility to customers, keeping their convenience in mind. Once all the formalities are done, you can begin investing.

As mentioned earlier, the EFG analysis is one of the standout features of Sankarsh’s project. This psychometric analysis helps their experts understand what exactly their customers are looking for. By analyzing the emotional, financial and general needs of an investor, Savart picks out the best investment recommendations for its users. To do so, the team at Savart have developed an algorithm that is literally and figuratively a combination of human intelligence, machine computing and investment information, which makes personalized investment advisory a cakewalk. This cutting-edge intuitive algorithm analyses and scrutinizes over 10000 mutual funds and stocks, and presents the user with the absolute best options catered to meet his/her needs.

One of the best parts about Sankarsh’s platform Savart is that it promotes paperless formalities, and has no usage or signup charges. Savart ensures a completely free, zero commission mutual fund investing experience, with investments starting from as little as INR 10. Regular updates, news, and latest events ensure that investors keep their portfolio on track, always.

Something for beginner and expert investors alike:

The recommendation algorithm of Savart forms an essential part of its ‘Auto’ mode, which is one of the two operational modes available to customers. Aimed at assisting novice investors to achieve their financial goals, the Auto mode picks the absolute best mutual funds and stocks as per the user’s needs, with the help of the algorithm curated by Savart’s team. For seasoned investors, the ‘Manual’ mode promises to be a joyride. It offers complete control to people who are experienced in the area of investments and want full authority over their finances. Expert investors can use this mode to search, analyze and invest in stocks manually, with more data research options to be added shortly. 

Savart is partnered with the Bombay Stock Exchange to provide its customers with seamless investment options. Users can link each of their financial goals to specific investments, and Savart will take care of the rest. A combination of mutual fund picks, SIP and STP plans will be suggested to the user to help achieve every financial goal listed.

In addition to the Bombay Stock Exchange, Savart also has ties with Upstox, with an aim to make the entire investment process paperless. Existing Upstox users can log in to their Upstox demat through Savart and access all their information in one neat place. As the website FAQ states, Savart is not resting on its laurels. There are more partnerships to follow in the near future, and Savart is definitely about to become a household name in the field of investment and fintech.

Not just a company:

Savart is not just a for-profit company with a mobile app and a fancy website looking to maximize its profits. This project is actively involved in encouraging young earners to inculcate a habit of saving and investing money in the right places, to secure their financial future. The spirit of saving hard earned money, investing it and then watching it grow is something that Savart hopes to instill in every investor, beginner or expert alike. Putting money into an investment instrument that actually pays back, and then going forward from there is the core of what Savart does for its investors.

At the heart of the company is its unique and innovative research algorithm that combines human and artificial intelligence to make personalized investment advisories for each of their customers. Hence, errors and bias go down, and the power of intuition and information to make an investment decision prevails.

Savart and its team still have a long way to go. CEO Sankarsh himself is just 19 years of age. With such a terrific start, Savart is certainly on the right path towards disrupting the fintech sector for the better. Having already accomplished so much, it is exciting to see where Savart goes from here. It seems like the only way from here is up!

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