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How Kapdec is delivering high-quality, affordable supplemental education to students.

Student success in any sphere of life involves adequate knowledge of mathematics and statistics, if for no other reason than to gauge the degree of success and failure of an experiment, program, or project, understand job benefits packages or bank rate policies, etc. Whether the sought-after profession is engineering, business, or the medical sciences – there will always be an element of mathematics and/or statistics that must be clearly understood.  Yet mathematics and statistics, unlike most other subjects, cannot be mastered simply through a superficial understanding of the theory and limited practice of typical examples that are taught in most schools. Proper mastery requires thorough practice supplemented by “on-demand” help in figuring out the logic behind every solution. Students may extend their understanding of known problems and situations to unfamiliar situations to solve even the most complicated problems. Kapdec was created in response to this very real problem faced by students – the lack of proper understanding of mathematics and achieving perfection through practice.

Kapdec provides high quality and affordable supplemental education in subjects such as mathematics and science by keeping in mind the six critical needs of students –

Live Interactive Coaching.  Since no learning is complete without a teacher’s guidance, we’ve applied a far-sighted approach to integrating the various technology elements to connect the two ends of education, students and teachers, to make the learning process seamless, simple, and intuitive. Kapdec helps students by delivering coaching through top educators around the nation.

Educational Content, that is advanced and complete. Kapdec utilizes Smart Room technology for delivering education. Students get unlimited access to the most powerful content at their fingertips. In addition to learning with the help of teachers, students get a unique advantage of access to high-quality videos and conceptual documents through e-books. Kapdec proprietary content has been developed by master’s teachers, mapped to the state-relevant curriculum, broken down into micro topics for an easy understanding by students to grasp the fundamentals.

Students Require Practice. Practice makes one perfect. Students can practice their skills through our quizzes as many times as they need to gain mastery of their subject. Our master teachers, engineers, and educators, a highly advanced team of professionals, have used their practice techniques and resources to provide an eclectic and updated practice problem database. Our adaptive learning algorithm detects student skills and delivers unique questions to students to advance their skills.

On-Demand Help: Students need guidance and handholding beyond the school or the coaching classes. Kapdec delivers on-demand help- so that students who need some extra explanations (in addition to what is already provided) can reach out and be helped within 24 hours.

Low Cost. Most importantly, all of the coaching and content is affordable and available to any student with an internet connection and can be used even on a smartphone or mobile device, ensuring availability to the remotest places without the hassle and cost of travel to coaching centers.

Safety. Kapdec’s innovative Smart rooms allow for remote delivery of classes- thereby minimizing the prospect of COVID-19 infections for both the teachers and students and also parents since students do come home and expose parents and grandparents to risk too.

  • Students learn in the privacy of their own homes and may seek explanations they would have been embarrassed to ask among their peers in class or which cannot be answered in schools due to lack of time.
  • Students proceed at their own pace.
  • Students, parents, and even teachers may track student progress, and teachers can give feedback.

Summing up

Life doesn’t wait; competitive exams and board exams must be given on time. It is unfair to expect students/teachers to face the tradeoff between getting/providing much-needed practice via coaching and increasing the risk of exposure to COVID 19 germs. Kapdec is a low-cost, high-benefit solution with professional “on-demand” help from recognized instructors, smart rooms that allow remote classes, and the most updated and expansive database of practice problems.

About Founder

Yogesh Makkar founded Kapdec with a mission of making education possible for everyone. Yogesh, an engineer and an innovator holds an honors degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT-Kurukshetra, a Master’s in Engineering from the UNL & an MBA from Kelley School of Business. Yogesh is committed to making a difference in a student’s life by providing unique methods, with a global team’s help, to help students learn more and be comfortable with the learning process for lifelong learning.

What keeps Yogesh awake at night is only his passion, that is, to deliver a “unique” platform – that, indeed every student anywhere on the “globe” should be able to use. 

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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