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Insta Property : Transforming the Traditional way of doing Real Estate Business.

Kamal Gulati, Founder of Insta Property, Understood the problem of his father’s traditional real estate business and transformed it digitally with help of technology and he started this startup.

Kamal Gulati, started this venture with a simple thought: Real Estate should be accessible to all in a structured way. With his roots deep in this business due to his father’s real estate company: Lords Estate est.1986, he has a wealth of knowledge about the real estate sector. Growing up, Kamal could observe the way brokers conducted real estate business; and observed a lack of system in conducting the business that often resulted in a hotch-potch. Kamal came up with the idea of making a system that is easy to understand, quick, and doesn’t leave any crucial information behind: he came up with Insta Property.

Insta Property is a Real Estate website that is focused on streamlining the business of buying, renting, and selling properties. The idea behind this Startup is all about changing the way traditional Real Estate Brokers work, Insta Property brings forth a large pool of listings and has 100x more updated inventory than any regular broker in the market. It accumulate all the available information and offer it to the customer in a structured manner so that nothing is left behind. Unlike the regular brokers that offer information from the top of their heads or flip through 100 pages in their directory before finding what they are looking for to show, Insta Property offers to the customers an online portal with around 2000 updated listings and increasing number of properties solely in Gurugram that user can surf through to find what he will looking for and also know what else is available. They are currently focusing on Gurugram but their plan on expanding the area of dealership and include properties from several cities. Insta Property allows to customers filter their options, explore a certain category, and enables there to compare different properties at the same time. Additionally, the webpage also enables there to calculate your EMI and mortgage on their selected property. They have resourceful brokers who not only help to find properties that customer like but also give you a helping hand in building it as well through their construction and remodeling services, Insta Property, want to change the way Real Estate brokers work.

Problems that they faced while implementing the idea.

Like any other Startup, they also had a rocky road before their journey became somewhat smooth. At the very beginning, it was difficult to finalize this idea as they had more than one plan in mind, after a lot of discussion and modifications, they are finalized on the idea behind Insta Property. Just as they were done tackling one issue several others arised.

The next step in the implementation of the idea was to create the website and collection of information for their database, although the collection part of the process wasn’t very challenging, it had its issues as well because people who talk with them about their property but would forget to pass on other necessary information like pictures of the property, so that took a while to accumulate. As for the website, that was one of the most crucial part of their business idea and this is a website that gave the most trouble. The website developer did a poor job, so they had to go looking for a new one, that took a while, when they found a developer, this website design needed a lot of work so they had to find a designer, once that was done, the intricacies of their website were such that they had to continually test their website and make changes almost every day to ensure that the website was functionally correct and did not trouble the user. All of this delayed their launch date and what was supposed to launch in April got delayed and finally got launched in May.

Their struggles, however, did not finish. Once the website was ready and live, they started working on SEO and the lockdown happened, all their employees had to work from home which somewhat put a stone in their path. Apart from that promotion of this venture was something they had to give a lot of thought to, it just wasn’t the matter of reaching out to people anymore it was also about how they reach people who would not only take interest in their venture but also what mediums to use to get them. They have done their work and found some ways but it is a problem that there were still working on.

Their team behind this mission

Meet their team! They are a group of hard working employees, giving and doing their best to make their business and venture a successful one. With Kamal Gulati as Founder and CEO, he guides them and helps them to find their path on this journey. They have Arun Pundir as Business Development Manager who not only manages their business development well but comes up with great ideas that help them in refining their business manifolds. Sunil Kumar their Head of SEO ensures that they reach the market standing through his various efforts and ensures that they as a business succeed in reaching their target audience. Nandini Kumar, their Brand Manager brings a new perspective to their team, she handles work at various fronts and ensures that our work is up-to-date, and that our company thrives as a brand. Aneesha Dhingra works as a Graphic Designer in their team and creates graphics that not only go with their brand requirement but as designs that people themselves enjoy watching and reading. Varun Sharma their Web Developer is a god-sent for them as he single handedly develops our website and makes the numerous changes that they ask him to make almost every single day. If it was not for Varun, their online presence wouldn’t have been the way they liked it to be. And lastly, they have Gaurav Saini, their Web Designer who makes sure that their website looks fresh and up-to-date in terms of website designs.

Achievements so far.

Their first achievement as Real Estate brokers was building a platform that is not only accessible to all but also provides information in the most streamlined manner so that their customers have access and various options for a particular category of properties as per their needs and wants.

Additionally, they also just launched a new wing to their company where they offer construction and remodeling services to customers, giving them a holistic experience.

Their aim for this company is to create a business model that caters to their customer’s needs and offers them any and every service that they might need when they decide to own a home.

We’re currently working on identifying the gaps in the market and trying to find ways to fill them up.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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