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Story of Equinox Labs CEO Mr. Ashwin Bhadri – From a Small Lab to featuring in BBC and The Economic Times.

Equinox Labs is a renowned FSSAI approved, and NABL accredited Water Testing Indian Lab, and the person behind it is CEO Mr. Ashwin Bhadri.

Equinox Labs aims to offer an end-to-end solution for customers regarding food, water, and Air Quality. The organisation focuses on – Improving lives by Ensuring quality and Innovation.

Today, Mr. Ashwin Bhadri is a national level speaker on Food Safety, a National Spokesperson for FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. He has also contributed to educating the country, especially the FBOs and QSRs on the norms and trends of Food Safety and Hygiene. But that’s not it; he even thrived hard to help Corporates maintain their Food, Water, and Air quality. Mr. Ashwin didn’t fail to surprise by doing his bit even during this Pandemic, where he continued to educate thousands of people by conducting Free Webinars.

Featuring in the BBC and a column in The Economic Times, Mr. Ashwin Bhadri remembers saying, “You have no white hair yet, and you got featured in The Economic Times; doesn’t happen that often.” So that felt good.

Food Safety is important because of the paradigm shift in the food industry, not just in terms of cuisines and products but also pertaining to safety, hygiene, and quality. Food businesses globally have realized that safe food for one and all, and governing bodies are working towards achieving the same.

But making Equinox labs a leading Food, Water & Air Testing Lab wasn’t easy and involved years of hardships, and Dr.Bhadri is a living example that nothing is difficult to achieve with continuous efforts and perseverance,

But there’s a story to it from where he began and how this startup idea came to his mind.

His family ran a Water Treatment Company, where he started the Customer Care Department but was uncertain to create his own identity. So he left his family business and founded Equinox Labs. Soon after launch, he realized that Food Safety was critical and needed much attention when a dear friend of his almost died because of worms in his brain, all caused due to poor food hygiene.

Still wondering what Equinox Labs exactly does and how it helps in problem-solving?  Equinox Labs focuses on delivering a great experience to all its customers through on-time delivery of reports, solutions for Food, Water, and Air problems, and overall value addition.

Concerning food, the services include food testing, sensory evaluation, nutritional labelling, and shelf-life analysis, all in compliance with FSSAI.

Other water-related services include Industrial water testing, drinking water testing, construction water testing, and borewell water testing.

When air services are concerned, Equinox Labs offers Indoor Air Quality monitoring, DG Emission monitoring, and Air Corrosion monitoring services.

Other milestone and achievements of Equinox Labs as a Startup

For any startup, expansion is necessary in terms of not only clients but infrastructure too. Equinox Labs expanded significantly from a small laboratory to owning a 25,000 sq. ft. building almost a decade ago. Then emerged the first Bengaluru lab 2-3 years after that with 4 more labs coming up this year.

Undoubtedly, Equinox Labs’ CEO Mr. Ashwin Bhadri is an inspiration for many startups and people aiming to be entrepreneurs.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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