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From Humble Beginnings to Co-Founding Third Unicorn: The Inspiring Journey of Aseem Ghavri, a First-Generation Entrepreneur.

Assem Ghavri

The story of Assem Ghavri proves that entrepreneurial success is not dependent on fancy degrees, mentors’ support, or metropolitan belongingness and rather hinges on the planning, focus, and determination of the founder. 

Aseem Ghavri is the CEO/founder of Code Brew Labs and co-founder of Third Unicorn. He was born and brought up in Chandigarh and graduated from Panjab University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science. Aseem is a first-generation entrepreneur and realised early in his life that to break the shackles of the middle class, he had to take the path of entrepreneurship and establish his own business.  He started his first venture Hungryville in his college days, added four more startups to his list of ventures, and gained invaluable exposure through all the ups and downs he went through while running these businesses. 

Currently, Aseem is working on Third Unicorn, a new entrepreneurial venture with Ashneer Grover as co-founder. Assem’s association with Ashneer was not an Instant Connection story. Aseem tried to connect with Ashneer through cold emails and DMs but didn’t get success to hit it off. In 2021, Assem got an opportunity to work for Ashneer’s startup and subsequently, he cracked a chance to meet the founder of BharatPe. During the meeting, Aseem told Ashneer everything about him, his background, qualification, previous startups, future aspirations, etc. Eventually, Ashneer and Aseem started exploring and analysing opportunities which finally culminated in their coming together and co-founding Third Unicorn. 

Assem is also contributing immensely to the technology sector with his Code Brew venture. The enterprise is a one-stop solution for next-gen digital transformation services and Assem aspires to make it a global leader in the digital services space. Code Brew offers a range of digital solutions including mobile apps, web development, and enterprise software development. The company is also involved in blockchain and fintech development besides supporting clients in designing their UI/UX platforms.  Code Brew today has a turnover of more than 100 crores with a headcount that goes beyond 600. 

The story of Aseem’s entrepreneurial success is an inspiration for all of us. Starting with just Rs 8000 for his first business to now co-founding Third Unicorn with Ashneer, the ascent of Aseem is an inspiring tale of grit, glory, and hard work. Aseem’s advice for budding entrepreneurs encapsulates insights from his entire entrepreneurial journey. He recommends founders stay away from businesses which are not scalable or profitable. He advises that It’s better to move on from ideas which aren’t yielding desired results rather than keep flogging the dead horse. Aseem also recommends the bootstrap model in the initial stage of founding a startup and once it reaches a certain level or scale, financial aid from the outside can be sought. Assem has also started ‘10 minutes with AG’ where he gets into a direct one-to-one conversation with founders and shares his advice, recommendations, and solutions with them. 

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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