FuGen is bringing an exclusive educational ecosystem the country which talks and teaches only “ Moral&values education” to children.


Startup Name: Fugen.

Founder Name: Manish Goel


Fugen is a revolutionary initiative with an exclusive aim and vision to create happy, responsible, loving and peaceful humans by providing moral and value education to children at very young age, improving mental and emotional health through guidance and training programs and enhancing capability by providing various soft skill workshops”

FuGen is a firm believer that mental and emotional health of a person is the driver for all their actions and Young age is the right time to teach and inculcate the moral values, providing right guidance and train so that children grow as “Responsible Adult” and “Satisfied & Peaceful Human” and make the whole society happy, peaceful and crimefree.

In today’s world nuclear family system, working parents, children staying in day boarding is a common feature. So there is very less quality time parents and other elder family members spend with children. Beside this, there is pressure from parents, teachers, and society to excel in the study and other activity at all level. Such condition sometimes creates a vacuum in the minds of children.  In this scenario, today’s children feel huge pressure which leads to unfortunate situations like frustration, anger, depression, addictions and sometimes suicide.

To avoid such things, we need to have such ecosystem in place where a child is being understood and listened and from the age when they learn spelling, rhymes etc, they also learn how to live life, how to be calm and cool, how to be happy in life, how to manage anger & stress, so that they are capable of handling every situation in the life swiftly.

Moral and value education is a medium which shows us the right and apt ways to lead our lives. Social and Moral values are the basic pillars of humanity and society. No society can be peaceful, crime free and happy if it does not have morality in it.

Honesty, truthfulness, spreading love, harmony, caring, unity, responsibility, stand for justice, helping others, respectfulness is some of the basic values we human should have to make a society full of love and peace.

In our Fugen Centre of Human Transformation, our main aim is to inculcate and plant social and moral values in the mind of young ones and train these young minds to be calm, cool, focused and happy in all type of situation so they contribute in creating a similarly good society and happy Future Generation.

Fugen is founded by Manish Goel, who has worked more than 20 years with various corporates and have a vision of creating an ecosystem which creates “Good Human”

Our Moto

Happy Child= Happy Adult= Happy Family= Happy Society= Happy World

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