Bizzit: The next big thing in modern business!

What is Bizzit?

Bizzit is a premium and affordable business card that the modern business space was lacking!

Bizzit is a redefined, modern business card with a sleek form and long-standing functionality. The ultimate time-saver of the modern professional, Bizzit cards allow the user to save contact details directly into a phone with just a single tap by using NFC technology that also enables contact-free information exchange. The user also has the ability to edit and update their details on the go with absolutely no added expense to the user! The Bizzit digital business card is the newest must-have ahead of your return to in-person networking. It’s hygienic, instant, and not to mention, a fantastic talking point.

With constant upgradation in business technology and practices, the modern business landscape has started to look clean. But there is one thing that has not changed since time immemorial and that’s the traditional business card! Be it a corporate symposium, an informal gathering or any similar event full of socializing, people instantaneously exchange their contact details to build robust networks. Numerous cards are accumulated individually which becomes a hassle to organize later.

Well, here is how the landscape saw two knights in shining armor. Two young minds from Bangalore have already taken giant strides in revolutionizing the traditional concept of paper business cards.

Harsh Jain, Co-founder of the startup, shares an incident with us which forms the nucleus of his avant-garde serendipity. Harsh states that the inspiration behind Bizzit emerged from his family business. Owing to some changes in the GST Number and Landline Number, he had to scrap the entire previous deck of business cards and subsequently reprint a fresh stash with changes. The amount of paper wastage along with the wear and tear of the business card set Harsh off.

Ankita Mathai, Co-founder and second of the duo shares similar experiences of hers whilst working a 9-5 corporate job. Helming Sales, Ankita had to show up for numerous presentations wherein whenever she met new contacts, they would share their business cards with her. Ankita states that the accumulation of these business cards over time served no purpose since she was used to saving the necessary contacts on her phone and scrapped the card then. This made the idea of carrying the traditional business card skeptical for Ankita.

What prompted Bizzit’s conceptualization was this discussion between Harsh & Ankita about their take on the traditional paper business card & its inefficiency, while on a lunch break! Determined to craft a solution, this duo commenced their journey towards Bizzit: The Premium Smart Business Card of Today! Harsh and Ankita share that as ex-management students, it had always been their dream to address the problem statements & pain points of the business world and curate the right solution for it. They aim to revolutionize contact exchange in India and eliminate paper business cards completely. (Website Link:

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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