Best Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses & Creators in 2022

The online marketing ecosystem is like a vast ocean where businesses navigate toward growth. To simplify and accelerate their voyage, marketers depend on digital marketing tools and platforms. But there is an overwhelming number of digital marketing tools available. It pays to choose the right ones that meet the needs of your business.

We bring you some of the best digital marketing tools and their best alternatives. Businesses of all sizes and types can use them to grow better in 2022.

Let’s check them out!

1.  Think with Google: A marketing research tool

Think with Google lets you find marketing tutorials from experts in privacy, digital transformation, and AI, among others.

Get the latest consumer data and marketing insights for your industry. This will help you with:

  • Planning your ad campaigns
  • Understanding your market
  • Finding creative inspiration

And much more…

Mobile website test: Think with Google also has a feature to test your mobile site. It:

– rates your website based on its loading speed and gives recommendations to speed it up

– gives suggestions on how to optimize your mobile site

– gives tips on personalizing your UX to each user’s need

A Google/Deloitte report says improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%.

Similar tools:

Semrush: Use it to do competitor analysis, market analysis and competitor PR monitoring. Their professional plans start at approximately $120/month where you can track up to 500 keywords with daily updates on them.

Ahrefs: It provides you with a large backlink checking solution. You can dig deep into competitors’ search traffic, and identify what content works better. It offers a 7-day free trial. Their Lite version plan is available at $99/month and tracks up to 500 keywords.

2.  Mediaqart: A performance advertising platform

For agencies and businesses, executing paid ads on multiple platforms is a tedious task. It involves manual intervention and requires expertise to deliver high-performing campaigns.

Mediaqart makes doing performance advertising easier and affordable. It provides ready-to-use data-driven audience cohorts for over 30+ major industries. You can quickly build and automate high-performance ads across major networks from one place.

The platform lets you run ad campaigns in auto-pilot mode as its algorithm takes care of the campaign’s optimization.

Some stand-out features of Mediaqart’s performance advertising platform include:

  • Ready-to-use audience cohorts
  • Unified dashboard for multichannel advertising
  • Ready ad content templates
  • Prestimated results
  • Actionable insights
  • Smart bidding and optimization

In addition to these, Mediaqart provides brands with a feature to centralize advertising for their dealers/franchisees. This helps brands develop better synergy with their dealers/franchisees.

Other good ad tech tools:

Criteo: It uses machine learning to serve up the most relevant ads. It offers competitive pricing, great customer support, and powerful retargeting features. They offer custom pricing based on the marketer’s requirement.

AdRoll: It lets you retarget audiences that have not turned into a lead or sale yet. It offers in-app retargeting, personalized ads, cross-device advertising, audience segmentation and much more.

Plans start at a competitive pricing of $19/month. That gives you a host of advertising features. You can also send 20000 emails/month.

3.  Notion Web Clipper:  A project management tool

If you find an interesting article, video, blog and you want to save it, you can use Notion Web Clipper.

It lets you organize your web pages. It saves those pages off the internet to your workplace. So you can view and edit them later.

From taking notes to building a reading list, to project managing your team — the Web Clipper can help you a lot with organizing your content. It’s free.

Similar tools:

Notebook Web Clipper by Zoho: It lets you extract text, images, and articles from the internet and save them to your Notebook. Just select the content and click on the notebook extension icon. The selected content is automatically copied to a new note. The notebook is free for all.

Milanote Web Clipper: It lets you instantly save a variety of content formats. You can organize and combine them into beautiful visual boards inside Milanote.

4.  Canva: A design tool

Most of the marketers know how useful Canva is in creating stunning graphics in a few clicks. However, there are a lot of features in Canva that people might not know of. Some of them are:

Record during the presentation: You can even record yourself while creating a presentation on Canva. It gives you the option to record both your video and audio.

Canva graph: It lets you create all sorts of graphs such as line graphs, pie charts, and even mind maps and many more.

Edit videos: Canva lets you do some basic video trimming, adding more clips, and adding music to your video.

Create prototypes: You can easily create web design prototypes for desktop, mobile and tablet using its built-in templates.

Generate QR codes: Canva lets you quickly generate a QR code. You just need to enter the URL you want people to go to once they scan the QR code.

If you are an active student enrolled in a registered university, you can avail of Canva Pro for free for a year. Apply at GitHub Student Developer Pack.

For others, the PRO plan is available at $119.99/year.

Similar tools:

Adobe Illustrator: Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and several complex digital products with this industry-standard vector graphics app. The platform offers 2D and 3D manipulation and it is a go to tool for every web and graphic designer. Its pricing starts at Rs.19,158.48/yr incl. of GST.

Palleton: Every designer knows the importance of a good colour combination. With Palleton you can create unique colour combinations or choose from the existing pallet of Monochromatic, Adjacent Colors, Triad, Tetrad, Freestyle and bring your designs to life.

5.  Mailerlite: An email marketing tool

If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use email marketing tool, Mailerlite is a good option.

It helps you to send out simple email broadcasts and also build some simple email automation sequences.

It has a clean looking interface which makes the process of creating email marketing campaigns easy and efficient.

According to EmailToolTester, Mailerlite has a high deliverability rate (87%) – an extremely crucial metric for the success of your email marketing campaigns.

A user can send 12000/month mails free of charge to up to 1000 subscribers.

Similar tools:

Mailchimp: Easily set up email workflows based on your marketing goals. Mailchimp offers a comprehensive library of email templates. Its free plan includes up to 2,000 contacts, with 10,000 sends per month and a daily limit of 2,000.

Mailjet: Its enterprise solution offers a powerful infrastructure where one can send up to 15 million emails/hour via API. Mailjet offers competitive features of personalization and segmentation, automation and analytics. It has a daily limit of 200 free emails. Upgraded plans start at $15/month which allow you to send 15,000 emails/month with no daily sending cap.

Concluding The List of Best Digital Marketing Tools

Our list of tools covered some of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing: From paid advertising (including retargeting using pixel integration) to email marketing, to graphic designing, and more. We hope they will help you do digital marketing more efficiently and easily.

What do you think?

Written by Ravi Tilekar


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