After 2 suicides attempts, I learned how to be happy and joyful as I am today.Say’s Travelontip founder.


Startup Name: TravelonTip

Industry: Travelling & Tourism.

Founder: Shahwar Hasan.

 Hi, can you give a brief about yourself?

Hello Buddy, I am Shahwar Hasan, and people call me Haasan. I also set a new world record by making the Largest Cultural Trip to promote unity in Diversity. More than 1700 people from 10 different countries participated in this event. At present, I am a Business consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker.

I was Introvert and shy, so I never played any sport. Due to my shy nature, and some speech impairment I used to stay alone without friends and company. After years of depression and 2 suicides attempt, I learned how to be happy and joyful as I am today.

I was inspired by a thought nothing is permanent neither good nor bad so, we don’t need to be serious in both cases. We should be doing whatever our heart says and enjoy the present.

This thought brings me positive dreams in my life of doing something unique in life. My family always gives me moral support.

Factors Influenced to start the Travel on the tip?

I did B.Tech from LPU in Electronics Engineering. College Life plays a vital role in my life, here I saw the different aspects of life.

Since I was an introvert, I had only a few friends in college. This Nature gives me a great time doing something I want to do. So I used to surf random things on the internet to pass the time.

But, the entrepreneur always searches for change and exploits it as an opportunity; I decided to start an E-commerce company (Expert Lifestyle Services Pvt) with one of my roommates. I started my first startup to avoid the negativity and depression which I had that time which necessitate me to admit hospital 2 times.

Entrepreneurship is not the choice its only possible thing who helps me to gain positivity, and enough confidence to face the world.

Initial experience:

I used to sell electronic items (pen drives, cards, anti-radiation stuff etc) in the college campus. This startup got a great response as well as good money. But someone complained about their business to the authority, and they realized that it is illegal to do a business in a campus without taking prior permission from the university. So as a founder I took the blame on myself, and university suspended me for a month. Later I sold out my company to one of my seniors.

How did your journey start towards your dream?

Startup after Startup:

An entrepreneur is someone who learns from failures and will start trying new things.

I found my college students are facing issues with finding the right, suitable and affordable tour packages. Everyone knows there is a solution to every problem so; I have taken the opportunity to solve this issue by starting a traveling company with the name Kinghills Travels with one of my friend Mr. Deepak Dhayal. The reason behind the starting of something is to create a product/service which meets public need directly.

The traveling company which is running successfully in India including Bhopal, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Sikar, Manali, Hyderabad, and Aurangabad since starting of it.

Repetition doesn’t create memories but, new experiences do.I didn’t stop there as entrepreneur always seeking for an opportunity and try to create a better living atmosphere.

New opportunity=Risks:

Elon Musk once said if something is important enough you should try, even if the possible outcome is a failure.

This time we got a new opportunity to solve the pollution problem in the campus; we take it as a cause, not from a business perspective.

To solve the traffic problem in the campus, we started Erick King eco-friendly hybrid vehicle. Initially, it started with two vehicles by investing the pocket money. First three months of effort gone into vain, as usual people starting giving free advice to shut down the business, but entrepreneurs are not for quitting.

We believed in our idea, so we again invested in the business now it is the most profitable business among all student start-ups. As of now, we operate 31 E-Vehicles and Golf Carts in Jalandhar.

After two successful ventures, many schools and colleges invited me to motivate their students. I realized one thing there are so many issues in society which we need to solve.

Social Startup:

Again we started another venture called Started Approach House to solve another social issue related to education.

Approach House:

Approach to Education and Social welfare society a non-profit organization.

Approach E-services LLP: It is an IT firm whose mission to introduce a revolution in current education System, promote entrepreneurship, positivity, and cultural integration through different events and programs.

Approach education and social welfare society already organized Bhopal’s largest heritage walk where students from different states and 15 different nations came to Bhopal to study the art, culture, and Mughal architecture.I am still doing research and creating something special for society.

Idea and Execution are important not funds. I never invested a single penny to start my initial two start-ups, and other start-ups are the result of the profitability of previous.

Brief about TravelonTip?

TravelonTip is one stop solution for all your travel needs. The main motto of our startup is to provide the best memories to the customers, not the travel experience. Our company will provide the best offers which will make you smile and to choose our services.

There are various services provided by the TravelonTip;


International and Domestic Air Tickets, Holiday Packages and Hotels.

Domestic Bus and Rail tickets.

Private Car and Taxi rentals.

B2B and Affiliate services.

You can think there are many service providers, but we provide unique services than another startup/company.

Why Travelontip?

I am providing some of the best offers provided by the company to satisfy the customer.

  1. Best Rates:

You will get the best offers all 365 days in the year, and rates are economical to the customers by which customers can experience the best traveling in life.

  1. Best experience:

The customer will get the best experience with the best rates. We make you feel like it’s your best journey of life.

  1. Best support:

Our customer’s support will be there to assist you 24*7 days. The support is for all the people and travelers. Our support team will always happy to serve you.

  1. Book your trip:

We provide you the easy way to book your tickets for traveling. Our support staff will be there to help you all the time.

What your stack on the competition? Who are your competitors? How you are overcoming them?

Sorry, I am not considering anyone as my competitor because all are providing a solution to people in different ways. We are start-ups as our market sector is very big and no anyone can eat a full pie.

How is your Startup journey easy or difficult?

Easy or difficult are comparative terms. Startups are not easy for those who didn’t select to start something in their own interest field or who don’t plan a proper blueprint for their startup. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride, and we should enjoy the ups and downs of this beautiful journey.

Let’s conclude our discussion anything you want to say for young India:

  1. Always choose your interest field.
  2. Never start up to show off.
  3. Always be in a learning phase.
  4. Start from the little.
  5. Always do your homework properly before planning to start.
  6. Competitors are like classmates enjoy with them, they help you to work hard but copying considers cheating, and no one can be a topper for a long time to copy others.


What do you think?

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