Bhoomi Eco Changing The Way India Learns with a pencil.

Bhoomi Eco Pencils

We are all familiar with Newton’s third law of motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It can very well guide us to survive and thrive on this planet. Mother nature will only protect us, we have to take care of our environment.

In this current era of globalization and increasing urbanization trees are being cut down indiscriminately. Needless to say, there is an immense impact of this on the environment. Theodore Roosevelt had once famously exclaimed,”People without children would face a hopeless future, a country without trees is also almost helpless!”.

“People without children would face a hopeless future, a country without trees is also almost helpless!”

In India, there are around 1.5 million schools and 315 million young students are studying in it. They will be using almost 14 billion pencils every year. To produce that much quantity, 82000 trees will be sacrificed. Bhoomi eco pencil is a brand which is trying to stop this catastrophe by introducing eco-friendly pencils.  The founder of Bhoomi Eco Pencils, an environmentally aware, sensitive young man wanted to do something for the society.

While trying to figure out an environment-friendly venture he came up with this idea of producing eco-friendly pencils. Though the seemingly small product has a tremendous power to destroy acres of forests. Hence he decided to pull up his sleeves for the sector, not a lot would give a second thought to.

The rationale of the venture:

When we spoke with the founder of the Bhoomi Eco about the reason behind the idea, his response was

“ I always wanted to do something in the social sector. I was not only passionate about the entrepreneurship but wanted to build something environmentally sustainable. I came across a Kenyan entrepreneur making this kind of pencils by hand rolling method with newspapers. So then I started working on this idea and it took us 4 months to make the finished product.”

Converting an idea into reality:

A young passionate environmentalist entrepreneur had pledged to make it completely eco-friendly product. He added, “Initially, we faced some glitches but gradually we developed the finished product. Our packing box is also of unbleached brown paper without any PVC coating. We are not using newspaper directly as the newspaper ink is mildly toxic. We use a semi-automatic machine for the process. Firstly we faced a lot of issues in getting recycled paper from appropriate vendors and then making sure the product price is competitive with wooden pencils available in the market.”

About the company from founder’s perspective:

“Bhoomi eco was started with the vision to make eco-friendly products and create awareness about the sustainable lifestyle. We are making pencils from the 100% recycled paper. Our product saves the environment and by nature it is biodegradable. We have made our product price competitive with regular wooden pencils available in the market. Our paper is smoother in terms of writing and can be sharpened more easily with a regular sharpener. We have promised to give the best pencils, and the packaging box is also environment-friendly.”

Lavinesh Dayalani
Lavinesh Dayalani Founder Of Bhoomi Eco Pencil

Founder talks about number, Growth and revenue story:

“We are catering to pan India and the global market. We have exported our product to Oman and Germany so far and have inquiries from Southeast Asia, Gulf countries, U.K and Australia. We are also doing customized printing for big companies and schools. The demand has been great so far. The monthly revenue is growing at 20% steady rate.”

He also shares his future plans enthusiastically:

“We are accepting dealerships. We have many other eco products in the line and will launch soon in the market. We have appointed distributors in many states and also appointing internationally. We want to establish ourselves as a global brand making a variety of eco products”.

“Our aim is to enable children to adopt sustainable practice at an early stage so that eco-friendly living becomes part of their lifestyle in the future.” Says founder of the Bhoomi Eco Pencils – Lavinesh Dayalani.

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