Microsoft and Accenture Will Soon Hold a Startup Contest in August

The Accenture Venture challenge in India has recently been announced and let us tell you, it is a great opportunity for small businesses and startups to show their creativity and potential. Another exciting part about this event or contest is that Microsoft, the multi-national company is also on board with this.

In the latest edition of Accenture Venture Challenge, Microsoft is going to serve as a strategic partner and the contest is all set to be held on the 11th of August.

The event will feature numerous B2B startups that will be selected by Accenture as winners of the contest, or the Accenture Venture Challenge. The contest is organized by the Accenture Venture Open Innovations, shortly known as AVOI program,

The startups who will manage to win this contest will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate and work with Accenture and will help in developing the solutions for the gold coin.

The beginning of this event started in the year 2018 and since then the company has been giving opportunities to Indian startups to grow. The latest edition of the same won’t be any different, It aims for providing required support to the startups, small businesses, and even the ideas.

And now with Microsoft in the picture, the startups will get exposed to more opportunities, and being a strategic partner at an event like this also means that the winners of the contest will get access to the Microsoft ScaleUp program. With the help of this, the company provides sales support to scale up the operations at the early stage of the startups.

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