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The Journey of Woodpecker Media: How Moushumi Pal Build The Foundation Of Her Startup With Her Personal Skills

Woodpecker Media

Woodpecker Media, a PR, and Brand Communication agency based in Mumbai was founded by Moushumi Pal in the year 2016. Moushumi Pal, in an interview with us, has shared some insights on how she built the foundation of this valuable startup with her personal skills backed by her self-confidence.

About The Founder:

Moushumi Pal soon after completing her post-graduation got placed in a good company with a good package. But her mind always longed to do something creative and different from a 9 to 5 job. Her curiosity and passion for learning have always motivated her to add more skills and train for bigger challenges that life throws at you.

However, it is also true that with time, the burden of responsibilities and settling down often works as a hurdle in achieving our dreams. Moushumi Pal too agrees that with marriage and family responsibilities, she witnessed the slow progress in making her dreams come to reality but she never let anything come between her and her dream.

Moushumi Pal worked at several multinational companies such as Mitsubishi, Wipro, IBM, ICICI Bank, Educational Technologies, etc. Apart from this, she has also mentored professionals and designed curriculum for different NGOs and educational institutions, She believes that her professional career has helped her in gaining a better communication skill that continued to help her in later stages of life.

The inspiration behind Woodpecker Media:

In her words, Entrepreneurship is about survival, which nurtures creativity. The founder has always believed in this and has forever been inspired by the digital branding industry. While talking about the creativity and ample of opportunities that this area brings you, Moushumi Pal remembered her early college days when she used to organize events and used to get a kick out of it.

Since then she was convinced that this is what she wanted to do and moved forward with her dream. Moushumi Pal also discussed how she celebrated the idea of being an influence in people’s lives and that brought her immense satisfaction.

From her college days, she always wanted to do what she is doing now and she was able to make her dream come alive only four years ago. The foundation of her own media service company is something that Moushumi Pal cherishes for life.

About Woodpecker Media:

Woodpecker Media, a consulting company that renders brand communications, PR services, conceptualized events, creative brand designs, transformational digital marketing strategies, etc is run by a bunch of creative confidantes. The only aim of woodpecker media is to serve their clients with uttermost artistry.

The organization focuses on fulfilling the promotional needs of various business organizations and provides marketing support in the new-age content marketing world. Woodpecker media also provides services in social media management to drive the presence of several business houses.

The Unique Factor:

Woodpecker Media is a 360-degree brand communication company. The company is responsible for media planning, brand strategy, and the entire execution with respect to the marketing aspect. Apart from this, a really impressive thing about Woodpecker is that it has 90% of women employees, as Moushumi Pal, the founder, believes in women empowerment and supports the idea of women achieving great heights in respect of the profession and their career.

The Foundation of Woodpecker Media:

As Moushumi Pal explains, public relations, marketing, and communications have always been her forte. After having 17years of experience in the same area, she decided to commence her own venture and that’s when the journey of Woodpecker media started. The organization aims at educating young people about the idea of brand identity and brand management along with the focus on the digital world.

Moushumi Pal believes in creating opportunities for women who are interested in the same area but haven’t had the chance to show their real talent and knowledge because of various factors.

Since the foundation of Woodpecker Media, the company has managed to stick to the original growth plan. The founder explains that she has always followed her convictions, so her growth has forever been the paramount thing to achieve. She also discusses how every business is bound to go through some ups and downs but the important thing is that what we learn from it.

Apart from setting some milestones for Woodpecker media, the founder has also been successful in starting a community for women who are running small businesses so that they can establish a network amongst each other that will help them to support each other and grow mutually.

The Collaborations:

Talking about different industry leaders, that Woodpecker media got the opportunity to work with, Moushumi Pal says that, she got a plethora of opportunities to work with some great personalities belonging to different domains, such as Kailash Satyarthi, Bhramanand Singh, individual coaches, fashion brands, influencers, and celebrities.

Further when asked about which companies and organizations that Moushumi Pal considers as her competitions and what is Woodpecker Media doing to have an upper hand on them, she said that, the market is full of competition and anybody doing the same work as hers is her competitor so the only thing that one can do to overcome them is to focus on quality and services and everything else will follow.

She also discusses how the current pandemic situation has had an onerous influence on everybody’s businesses including hers, but there are ways through which we can adapt in order to survive the change. She explains how in the time like this digital platforms have come to the rescue and helped her business to cope up with the change.

Woodpecker Media has been recognized and rewarded for its wonderful services by several leading platforms and its goal is to continue to empower women through the platform and want to build a strong foundation for women where they can be nurtured and trained to be a dynamic entrepreneur in future.

Moushumi Pal suggests everybody working in the same area and who is willing to start their own business to never lose hope and be affirmative about their decision. In her words, “Don’t kill the desire to build, create and learn.”

Views of StartupsIndia:

Speaking of, Moushumi Pal shares that it is the main source of motivation for small startups as it helps them to reach a large audience and serves as a great platform to give voice to these businesses.


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