Medcureplus is giving hope for the Life.


Reason to start the startup:

In everyone’s things happens for a reason sometimes it may be good or sometime it may be bad, it all depends on how we take. Some people will stop thinking about it and some people will find a solution for it because they don’t want to see other people to trouble with the same problem.Here we have N.Venkatesh Rao founder of Medcureplus and let’s read his story in his words how an idea turned in to a startup.

The same thing happened in my life also “My friend at the age of 29 long back ago was suffering from Hypertension he didn’t find the time to consult a doctor & find time to purchase a Medicines at stores. After some time he died with Heart stroke. If he could have taken proper medication on time he could have saved his life”.

That incident triggered me to think about the problem and from that, I found out the solution to help the patients by starting “”, and I started along with my friend Srinivas in Hyderabad, 2018.

About the Team:

N.Venkatesh Rao (Founder & CEO) having 18yrs of experience in healthcare, & Pharma industry in India as well as overseas in his journey he has noticed that the common people couldn’t reach healthcare facilities on time to overcome Health issues. These days people are so busy don’t even find time to take food on time, caring about their health has become farthing until their health sign get alarmed by seriousness.

About Medcureplus:

The Main reason to start the medcureplus is to make people access from their comfort at one finger click In our platform, we are having online pharmacy i.e., we have a wide range of medicines. And diagnostic service like Pathology test …etc, at home service.

We got partnered with top Diagnostic centers that have been in the field for decades with NABL Accreditation ISO lab accreditation.

Our Startup is offering the best prices on medicines and pharmaceutical products, together with a fantastic service. Once the Costumers buy the products or services, we will save all the documents for future reference of the consumers.

We also timely remained and educate them about their pills usage and illness respectively. We had partnered with the vendors who have a great range of branded and non-branded products all at one stop, ensuring consumers to get great value for money when they buy from our website or App which is not possible in the routine purchase. Say’s, Venkatesh.


The startup is providing the variety of services which will save the time and money of the people when we are in need. They are providing below following services:

Online Pharmacy:

Medcureplus is providing online medicines with proper prescription only, without prescription we are not providing the medicines for anyone, mainly for the H and H1 drugs, you need to upload a valid prescription.

Robotic surgical Doctor Appointment:

This is the first time in the city of Hyderabad. We got partnered with leading Super-speciality Hospital in the twin cities that are having vast experience in Robotic surgery.

Book Lab tests:

The patient can book a slot in our platform as per the slot timing Phlebotomist will come and collect the sample at your home, reports can generate an online.

Through our website or App, all the patients, even those with difficult conditions or the ones living in remote areas can easily receive information, products, and services that were previously obtained only with great difficulty. We are launching our startup on 13th September 2018.


Play Store: The Mobile app is launching soon.

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