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Villgro iPitch 2018 is investing Rupees 3 crores in startups that impact the lives of the poor.

Villgro Ipitch

India is the country for the opportunities, for a long time India is a developing country. There are some reasons which are making the country to be still developing they are lack of proper education, unemployment, and affordable health care to the people, corruption based on the research done. So we need solutions for the above problems to make the country as a developed country. If you have an idea to solve the problems of the poor and country then, India’s oldest and one of the world largest social enterprise incubators Villgro will help you to start your business from scratch.

The company Villgro established in 2001, which is encouraging the startups in education, health, agriculture, and energy sectors. With the help of Villgro up to now, 1460 new ideas came. It rose seed funding of 327 million rupees and 1270 million rupees investments raised. It changed the lives of 15 million people. The Villgro is coming up with an event called IPITCH with the tagline investment for impact.

The company is the looking to invest in the startups which are unconventional that is solving real-time problems in the society; it should be profitable and scalable. The IPITCH is seed funding the enterprises of 3 crores for 12 startups, for each startup, the funding will range from 25lakh to 50 lakh rupees. There is a chance to get funded of rupees 5crore from Menterra Social Impact Fund.

Factors for the selection:

The Villgro is considering some factors for selection, sector, stage, business feasibility, scalability, social impact, innovation, and finally team.


Villgro Process

The people who want to change and develop the country with innovative ideas can apply from the below link:

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Written by Devender Jadi


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