Hyderabad Based Startup Myclosetwear Helps In Mix-Match Your Clothes & Accessories.


Our wardrobe will be full of clothes but still, we have ‘nothing to wear’. Every day people spend time in front of wardrobe thinking what to wear. As per Marks and Spencer’s study on average women spend 17 minutes per day thinking what to wear. How nice it would be if our smartphone can recommend what to.

If it can be our friends who know our taste and suggest what to buy and how to match with the existing clothes and accessories this gave me an idea to make a wardrobe organizing app. There were many in the market but I did not find what I actually wanted.

How the Myclosetwear startup started its journey?

I search for patents and publications, I found major corporate filed Patents on wardrobe organizing and realized it’s not only me who wants to solve this problem and started drafting an idea on paper. Hired few developers made the app and released it.

What are the hurdles you faced and how you overcome them?

Basically, I was from the research background and was not into coding so it took time for me to understand the app terminology and dig down deeper to understand the processes to make an awesome app and how to make people addictive to something.

 About funding from starting of the startup to right now?

I bootstrapped my startup Myclosetwear and did not raise money yet but it’s on the cards.

About the startup. Why should people choose you?

Today we have the problem of plenty, we buy a lot of stuff and we don’t use them properly. What we are trying to do is with the use of technology, intelligence and trying to make it easy to make a decision.

Developments up to now & future plans?

Based on the intelligence we gather from the user we would like to help E-commerce and retail stores to show matching clothes to the user by increasing the probability of a purchase.

What is the inspiration tagline that will be on your wall or you follow??

If you never failed you never tried anything new.

Message for young entrepreneurs?

Before giving the message to young entrepreneurs I remember one quotation from childhood “Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success”; which inspired me so much. To the young Indian entrepreneurs, I want to say go and try new things fail and learn and keep trying. Most entrepreneurs get success in their 2nd or 3rd venture as they learn from mistakes.

Who are the main competitors for your startup?

When we asked about competitors, the founder said “The field of virtual reality is at instantaneous phase, which is going to rule the IT and other industries in the coming up years. I think my main competitor is Amazon Echo look which is also a virtual personal assistant for the people”.

What are you before becoming an entrepreneur?

The Founder Varun Kumar Ungurala replied “I did my post graduation from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli in the year 2010 and graduated from CVR college of Engineering, Hyderabad. After that, I worked for 4 years in the ABB as a scientist. In the year 2015, started my own startup called Matchbox app, worked on it up to 2017, later I started another startup called ‘My closet wear’ app and currently working on it”.

What do you think?

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