Krosswork: Start-up That Turns Pubs& Cafes into Co-working Spaces.

krosswork founders

Startup Name: Krosswork

Founders: Goverdhan, Srinivas Jayaram.

What are the reasons which motivated you to start the company?

‘Free WiFi’ has now become a must-have for every restaurant, cafe, airport, shopping mall, and even office. To log in, you need a password that is provided by the institutions themselves. Now, in some cases you need to sign-in to the network with your social media handles namely Facebook, Instagram and that is what exactly social WiFi is.

This may seem insignificant at this stage compared to the conventional password sign-in, but things get interesting from here. WiFi allows marketing and advertising companies to know their customers up and close starting from their needs to their behavior and retailers can run real-time direct loyalty marketing campaigns.

How the startup started its journey?

“All this started during one of our smoke break conversations 10 months ago, what began as a passing cloud idea ended up becoming the most passionate and close to our heart idea of our lives.

After our first discussion we soon realized how keen and interested we were not only in this idea but in also developing this product at the earliest., we spent close to 6 months in finalizing the product and fine tuning our SaaS dashboard”, Says Mr. Goverdhan M D – Co-Founder & CEO Kloudboxx& Krosswork.

About funding from starting of the start-up to right now?

Initially started as a bootstrapped start-up Kloudboxx has raised Angel Funding to provide uniquely designed features to choose as per the client requirement.

About the startup, why should people choose you?

A start-up company should adopt a customer-centric approach, as we started connecting the Kloudboxx to most of the cafes/Restaurants, I found, an average of 75 percent of people inside was working on a laptop. Most restaurant dining rooms were half full, max. “I had this eureka moment”.

Krosswork (Powered by Kloudboxx) is the second business model, which transforms unused spaces into a city-wide network of sophisticated, prolific work-spaces where one can interact and work with a range of people

“The freelance community, individuals who are starting their businesses out of coffee shops or working from home, deserve better.” That’s when we came up with the Idea of Krosswork, where users can have their own space reserved, with charges starting at only ₹ 4999 per month where user gets ₹ 4500 worth vouchers which can be redeemed for the users’ food consumption at a working café, with daily pass of ₹ 299 with a ₹250 voucher.

About the founders?

Goverdhan M D Co-Founder & CEO – With over 16 years’ experience working in technology led or enabled businesses, Goverdhan has a deep understanding of the impact of technology on the bottom line of an organization. Excellent vertical knowledge of Cloud, Telecommunications, WIFI and Banking Industries.

Srinivas Jayaram – Co-Founder & COO – With over 15 years of experience in Data Analytics, PMP, Retail Project Management.

Developments & Future plans?

We are based out of Bangalore, with nearly 35+ clients onboard. We want to expand PAN India. Krosswork looks for comfortable seating, natural lighting, and proximity to public transportation. The company has also prioritized spreading its locations across the city, rather than concentrated in one spot, so they’re accessible from more neighborhoods. We are also more focused on our primary revenue source from Kloudboxx,

Kloudboxx uses social WiFi for the real-time-bidding and social media for advanced ad targeting. It provides a device (with custom software) to the installed free WiFi devices, which beams out the WiFi and a layer of service are installed on the access points of these WiFi devices. This essentially routes to the login page where the customer has to input his/her details for logging into the free network. After registration, the customer gets to watch advertisements for a few seconds, making revenue streams for Kloudboxx.

Who are main competitors for your start-up?

For Kloudboxx (Which is Social WiFi Company) few of our competitors are I2e1 and WiLoop

For Krosswork (Think Beyond Office- Coworking spaces) – MyHQ& Hack Work, But the edge we have over our competitors that we are the only company in India which provides both WiFi Analytics and Co-Working Platform on a single platform.

What is the inspiration tagline that will be on your wall or you follow?

I follow what Jack Ma has to say and I am very optimistic. An entrepreneur should be optimistic about the future and has to ask what problem he can solve, and how his solution is different from the others, and why he can do it better than everyone else!

Message for young entrepreneurs?

Stay Focused and Don’t Chase Investors – Focus on Building Your Product and have a growth strategy.


What do you think?

Written by Devender Jadi


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