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Bunny Bash

Hi, can you give a brief about yourself?

I have my roots from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh (UP), born and brought up at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, born seller (unknown to the word- entrepreneur), landed at Bangalore in the year 2007 to complete my graduation in business management, registered my first private limited firm Green Flag Branding Solutions in the year 2010, and started helping local and hyperlocal businesses and institutions in localised marketing and customer acquisition.

Within 4 years had the privilege of working with more than 100+ local and international brands directly or indirectly. In 2015, started consulting educational institutions, restaurants and bootstrap startups for branding and marketing strategies. Here I wish to share my childhood stories to justify- born seller! I remember how I started renting out comic books, some of them were mine and some of them were borrowed from my friends! I used to photoshop pictures, create free websites and email ID, upload songs and videos in phones, screen printed t-shirts and greeting cards to make money.

How can you describe your startup?

At BunnyBash we are simplifying the service process of the event industry with event & party rentals, party decor packages, party snack boxes, event artists & venue booking and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) party boxes. As a pilot run, we are offering services at Bengaluru, with an expansion plan to Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai by the end of July 2019! We sell DIY party boxes pan India available at our website and marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

What is your inspiration behind startup- BunnyBash?

BunnyBash is more about making a WISH rather than an INSPIRATION. A wish to change the unorganized the event industry, wish to establish both online and offline store to connect with our clients, listen to them, take a chance to shape their dream memories. Overall, a wish to establish a milestone remembered for complete event products and rental solutions.

Why the brand name-  BunnyBash?

Bunny is associated with speed, sensitivity, planning, opportunity, and action. It also symbolizes those moments in life when we must “hop to” even in unfamiliar surroundings, using our inner light for direction. 

What are the factors which influenced you to start the ‘startup’?

Personal experiences or life experiences are the major influences behind any startup or revolution! In my case there were three reasons:

1. Personally: My marriage event arrangements, photo & video outcome. In fact, I have never shared those personally or on any social media till date!

2. From the Sheet: Event and Activation industry in India will cross Rs.10,000 crore mark in the year 2020-21 (*source EY India), and more interesting part of this data is- it does not include the multitude of ‘unorganized event companies and freelancers’
spread across the country! Thus wish to tap that unorganized segment with the help of technology and creativity within. 3. The Everyday Challenges: Unlike some other startups where products or services are fixed like grocery or food delivery, meat delivery, bike rentals, cars, and scooters, etc; in our segment, each project (celebrations and moments) has to different, unique, non-repetitive and must have WOW factor.

How did your journey start towards your Startup?

The story behind the startup is the word STORY itself! Every celebration has a story, a story of the birth, a story of coming together, a story of feelings, etc; if it is perfectly crafted, that’s the MOMENT! I wanted to craft every story to moments. I believe that HOST and FAMILY should enjoy each moment of happiness and togetherness, rather getting into the hassle of event rentals, return gifts, catering arrangements, decorations, etc. Host and family should just feel the moments and enjoy it and let us direct and produce a film that will be worth remembering and watching for the rest of our life.

As I have interviewed many people in these 6 months as of my experience initial journey to setup startup is not so easy? What is your opinion on it? And how you overcome it? You are right! In fact, any progressive journey is not easy. As per startup journey is concerned, each action and step count, your initial fund management counts, your customer acquisition strategy counts and most important- the team and their belief on your idea counts! The only thing which bothered me was the acquisition of quality manpower for operations and retention. To justify my statement- Go to any online site which offers blue-collar professionals, you will find delivery executives, carpenter, plumber, a hairdresser but it’s hard to find DECORATORS!

How you funded your startup?

BunnyBash is a bootstrap company. I believe that to start something new you just need ‘JOSH’! Funding is needed for expansion and aggressive marketing. Being into marketing solutions, I managed completely with brand design, marketing collaterals, co-branding activities, and brand activation. As per technology and business automation is concerned, I have utilized the 200% of startup wave in India! Now you get technology essentials either absolutely free or with limitations (ideal for a small team).

Now you can travel up to 5 km in just Rs.35-thanks to bike taxi startups, you can reach other cities for vendor tie-ups and meetings via car sharing app, you can get clean and professionally managed hotels at just Rs.499!, you get unpaid and paid highly qualified and intelligent interns via free applications, unlimited calls, and 4G internet at just Rs.149/ monthly. I think you cannot ask for more than the current startup ecosystem, not only solving the problems of the society but also of budding startups (Bhai-Bhai).

Why people should opt for your startup?

The experience that matters! BunnyBash help people in creating experiences and converting them to moments with friends and family. We bring out the most relaxed, caring and joyful version of YOU and your closed ones.

If explained technically, we wish that our customers should only experience the UI/UX of celebration and party, leaving behind the backend development, bugs, malware and coding like conceptualization, decor, venue, artists, rentals, etc. completely on us!

Is the startup growing at good phase according to your plans? What are the upcoming plans from your end?

NO! There is always ‘DIL MANGE MORE’ in the number game. With favorable support from the startup ecosystem, negligible competition (professional and startup) and a great idea, we are a little slow in the race! But as per phase and growth is concerned, I do not have to pump money inside our organization for any external sources. The organization is making a profit, and we strictly follow the 30% saving policy for expansion every month. I see a lot of opportunity in customer experience, professional services, and hospitality and I wish to see BunnyBash as a preferred brand in professional services, entertainment, and hospitality.

I think everyone has some inspiring person in their life and some taglines? who are they, what is their role in your startup life?

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’- Steve Jobs. Mostly I found that entrepreneurs have started their journey from GARAGE, I was lucky- I started in an apartment.

What is your stack on the competition? Who are your competitors? How you are overcoming them?

My current competitors are the unorganized players and freelancers from our industry! I never feel and believe that organized players and budding startups can be a competitor to each other, in fact being organized they strengthen the industry, establish transparency in financial prospects, open room for trained, experienced and professional manpower. We cannot overcome the present scenario with a magic wand, it all depends on the best customer experience we provide, which will lead to a comparative atmosphere and becoming the preferred choice.

What is your opinion on Any suggestions? is a support system as well as a voice for people like us who wish to create employment opportunities, converting ideas into opportunity, solving big Suggestion: I wish if you can start with motion interview videos.

What is your experience as an Entrepreneur?

You are using the technology or technology is using you, is a matter of debate, but one thing is clear that the world belongs to those who believe in creating their own work opportunities and less for dependents who look for existing jobs. I believe that collaboration is the core of humankind and startups are collaborating with technology and among and working day and night in organizing the complete ecosystem as per their strength, thought and innovation.


What do you think?

Written by Raghava

Raghava is Google certified digital marketer,Wordpress consultant and Founder at .


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