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At RyMM Education we work with schools and universities to help them manage their business while providing them a collaboration platform for better communication between all parties of the campus. Being operated in 210 schools and 25 Universities RyMM is having its operations in 4 different countries Singapore, India, Chile, and Switzerland. An interesting fact is most of our team is working remotely to achieve this. The RyMM started in the year 2014, by Shaik Naushad.

 Reason behind the Idea:

Back at my first ed-tech startup, we used to provide web and software solutions to all institutions ranging from pre-schools to universities and coaching centres. It is in this period where I got to interact with K12 educators at a personal level. After having a constructive discussion with them I found the problems being faced by educators and parents at K12 level have a common ground and that is lack of value-driven communication. This is a serious problem to be solved and we started working on different solutions and that’s how RyMM Education was kick-started.

The motive to start initial version of RyMM Education was ” When parents and teachers work together it sends a clear, consistent, and positive message to students that school is important, that learning is important and that achievement is expected. “- said by the founder Shaik Naushad.

Problems faced during the process:

It wasn’t an easy path. In a startup life when you think you are on prior to solving an existing issue you will be having another issue waiting for your attention. There were times where we had seen glory days and also the days where we almost went bankrupted. From finding a co-founder to hustling and fixing product design every small issue is a new learning.

I was a programmer by profession; I know how to build products. But my elementary learning after starting RyMM is that startup isn’t just about coding and waiting for the product to go viral. It is about marketing, sales, customer support, user experience, finance, networking, hustling, hiring, dealing with people and being consistent. Every problem comes with learning.

 Why RyMM Education:

We provide the best services for the teachers, children, and parents to help them. Some of the reasons;

  • One place for all communication
  • Mind what matters.
  • No student, parent left behind.
  • Go Green
  • We don’t make extra work for teachers.
  • Your data should be smart too.
  • Improve student behavior.
  • Simplified attendance management system.
  • Event and activity scheduling platform.

 Growth & Future:

Being operated in 4 different countries we have operations in 210 schools and 25 universities. We recently launched our services for universities and are being used in some well-known universities around the globe.

I am a firm believer of experimental learning. For students of higher education learning through the reflection in a real setting is very essential to foster 21st-century skills. Our future focus is to work closely with Universities and develop platforms to provide an experimental learning environment for students in a virtual collaboration platform.

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