First ‘India Startup Day’ by Facebook in Delhi on 9th October.

Facebook Startupday

Event Name: India Startup Day

Organiser: Facebook

Date of Event: 09-10-2018

Location: New Delhi

Facebook the world most used social media platform, which is now focusing on startups through funding, providing workspaces. This social giant given statement, it conducts ‘India Startup Day’; in New Delhi on 9th October. For the first time in the history, the facebook is organizing through the process of the bid; the main reason for Facebook to conduct this is India is a place where many want to be entrepreneurs compared to all other countries.

The motto to conduct the startup day, to honor the Indian Entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors who used the latest technologies and methods for solving current and future social-economic problems. The leaders, who are behind the success of the startups, and mentors who showed the path and direction for making a successful enterprise.

In this meeting, there is an opportunity for a new and younger generation who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs, the chance of discussing the ideas, to know the challenges in the way of entrepreneurship.

India is the third destination for the startups globally, in the country; Bangalore is the first place to launch startups in the technology. Currently, India is advancing in technologies and economic wise the statement given by the Facebook to the media after confirming India startup day.

Currently, the Facebook is conducting various programs to encourage the startup ecosystem in the country. They are supporting all the sectors which can boost the economy of the country.

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