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From patience to perseverance, witness the inspiring story of these dynamic lawyers.

Shraddha Shenoy and Parth Merchant, Co-Founders and Designated Partners of the Mumbai-based Law Firm, Lex Mandamus LLP started the firm amid the pandemic with the help of their entrepreneurial experience of over 5 years. While their last semester exams got pushed due to the pandemic, the two utilized those six months to work on starting something of their own. They not only succeeded in starting Lex Mandamus LLP but are already providing services in two cities of Mumbai and Hyderabad within a year of the inception of their firm.

The founders said that the basic idea around the operation of their firm was based on a few facts.

Businesses are emerging and developing at an unstoppable pace, while legal tools for potential performance are slowing down and are often said to proceed at a glacial pace. This mismatch between the speeds of technology, businesses, and law leads to the lag of time” said the partners. The two decided to address this growing gap and work towards incorporating new legal mechanisms through their firm, Lex Mandamus LLP.

The firm ensures that there is a perfect balance between the conventional approach and the progressive one, “We believe that availing even the most conventional services can be simplified so that the everyday businesses and life go on seamlessly.”

The duo is not only flourishing professionally but also are making a mark by taking up social causes. Since its inception, the firm has adopted a socio-legal approach and it serves a core value at Lex Mandamus LLP. The founders run an initiative which is called ‘WE’ – WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

“We believe that law and society are intertwined and their growth and development are interdependent. Our initiative is driven towards assisting indigent women with complete legal solutions in order to help them realize their goals and rights better.”

The initiative has taken up several cases across Mumbai and they intend to work on several issues that in the normal course go unnoticed. “The basic idea is to eradicate abuse in all forms. We aim to create more awareness and to channelize our contemporary expertise and professionalism towards a brighter and a better future for women and thereby the society,” they said.

Shraddha and Parth have a message for young and budding lawyers: “Starting on your own is not just about having a great idea. It needs a network of various factors to twirl, belief in your ideas and the courage to execute them.”

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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