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Scalenut is a unique blend of talent and technology vetting superlative content writers for helping businesses to tell better stories.

It was a time when India was going through a massive digital transformation. At the end of the year 2020, the growth of Scalenut started as Lots of businesses were going digital and massively increasing their digital footprint Amidst Covid-19, which has further boosted digital transformation. Given that content is the center pillar of digitization, Scalenut has seen tremendous growth in the last 6 months since they started. They have rendered services to over 150 brands across 7 different countries across various industries.

Scalenut is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for content marketing and Helping businesses to tell better stories. Serving small, medium, and large enterprises to power their content marketing. With 3 Key members in the team. Gaurav Goyal as Co-Founder & Board Member, Mayank Jain as Co-Founder & Board Member, Saurabh Wadhawan as Co-Founder.

They are doing their best with making efforts to build a completely new category in the SaaS-enabled managed marketplace domain. It will take some time for businesses and content creators to adapt to the new way of producing content. Other than that, hiring quality talent has also been a top priority and has been a challenge.

Scalenut has massive potential in organizing the white-collared gig economy space. While the current marketplaces are discovery platforms and don’t fully cater to the demands of enterprises. Plus, current marketplaces don’t offer the technological support required to carry out various tasks. Scalenut is building an AI-based content marketing stack that would enable businesses to plan, produce and manage the entire life-cycle of content.

Scalenut provides a full-stack content development platform to enterprises. On one side, they have a fully functional managed marketplace where they onboard high-quality vetted content creators after multiple levels of screening. The right professional is matched and assigned Based on the content request from the user. Along with various workflows and processes to ensure tasks are carried out with high quality. On the other side, they are building a SaaS stack for content marketers that would tremendously help them improve content quality and efficiency. While the marketplace is an on-demand platform, SaaS would be a monthly subscription model.

Scalenut has a unique blend of talent and technology. Including the entire stack of content services – – right from writing services to design and videos. All that users have to do is submit the content brief and review it. The process is extremely seamless when it comes to content production. The entire transaction is backed by predefined workflows and communications modules.

They are soon going to launch an AI based SaaS product that will automate content intelligence and production. With that users will be able to produce SEO-optimized content using AI. Not only that, users will be able to generate content for many use cases and power their content marketing.

The marketplace has a commission based revenue model on every transaction. On the software side, it will be a monthly subscription.

They raised their angel round to build the MVP and have enough runway for now. In plans to start Conversations with strategic investors for the next round shortly.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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