The Amazing Interview with Mirza Baig , Founder & Director Hammer Head experiences.

About the Founder.

Mirza Baig is the Founder and Director of Hammer Head experiences. He comes with a background in Hotel Management and an MBA in marketing and international marketing. His work experience before his entrepreneurial journey has been two-fold. He grew up the ladder as the head of sales (Raheja Group of Hotels). Mirza, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2004 when he founded an event management company and ran it for 14 years, doing an average of about 350 Odd events in a year. It was in 2018 that Mr.Mirza got the opportunity to co-found a beverage startup called Jimmys Cocktails. In 2020, he founded Hammer Head Experiences, a company that was incepted to give a complete solution to a marketeer, headquartered in Bangalore and with presence in Delhi and Mumbai, and an extended network of almost 50+ markets in India and seven nations globally.

Mirza’s father served in the armed forces, while his mother is a homemaker. He has two older brothers, and his wife is also a marketeer and works with one of the top companies in India.

About the Startup.

Hammer Head is an integrated branding and marketing agency with a global presence. Its service offerings include comprehensive 360-degree solutions that range from brand strategy and content marketing to on-ground execution. The company has an advantage over other sea predators thanks to its distinctive head-like variety of services, which makes taking on projects. The organization specializes in building brand equity through Intellectual Property (IPs) that are unique, tuned for high engagement, and flawlessly executed. The benefits it brings to the brands through IP events are multi-pronged. Some of their exhaustive clientele include Heineken, Diageo India, United Breweries, Alstom, Viacom, etc.

The company is headquartered in Bangalore and was established in 2020.

The Idea and Concept of the startup.

The idea behind the startup stemmed when I realized that a marketeer is juggling between agencies. When companies hire agencies for creative work, they go after various agencies to do different kinds of work. Whether it is social media marketing, whether it’s traditional marketing, whether it’s performance marketing, or whether it is driving PR, creating an IP, or even event management. The biggest challenge that most marketers have is how do I join the dots of briefing various agencies and how do I ensure that there is consistency? The idea of Hammer Head is to ensure that you don’t need to join the dots, but you have an agency that takes care of every service that you aspire to have with one Agency so that different heads within that company work together to deliver an end objective that a marketer/client desires.

The innovation and uniqueness of the startup.

Hammer Head is committed to shaping the industry’s trends. The firm focuses on processes that assist in understanding brands through:

  • The firm focuses on structuring processes that help you plan your marketing calendar sprucely.
  • Act as creative mavericks to distinguish a brand from the competition.
  • Create history by concentrating on extraordinary execution for the clients and subsequently setting the standard for any business.

From a client perspective, we become a focal point of an organization where a marketeer reaches out to us and does not have to reach out to anybody else.

The mission and vision.

HAMMERHEAD EXPERIENCES aims at delivering delight to clients, employees, and vendors

HAMMERHEAD EXPERIENCES aims at “Providing the best customer results possible and deliver the WOW factor through our services

The service offering

The Agency provides multiple services, and this includes:

  1. a) Brand Strategy
  2. b) Communication Strategy
  3. c) Content Management
  4. d) Design
  5. e) Event Management
  6. f) Intellectual Property

A part of our service portfolio includes innovation with technology and churning out clutter-breaking ideas for clients. We are also thoroughly involved in the creation of IPs and making them into a sustainable revenue-generating model in the long run.

The current problems and solutions

Our sector’s biggest problem is that you are too big or too small, and mid-sized agencies are always considered mediocre. Few agencies probably fit the bill, and clients have now started to realize that midsize agencies are the ones who can deliver top-quality creative work at affordable prices.

The Success so far, Achievements, and Milestones.

Repeat Clients: If a company has sustained clients who have returned repeatedly, that’s an achievement.

Employee Retention: Our most significant achievement has been retaining employees over the last three years.

Business Associates: The most significant milestone for a creative agency like ours is if we have been able to work with the same vendor partners or business partners who continue working with us.

Our achievement is what we have spelled out above, however, what people want to hear are the following:

  1. Hammerhead is nominated for Best Activation idea for a liquor brand.
  2. Most Creative Agency APAC insider awards
  3. Best product launch of 2022

We are confident there will be a lot more to come, but these recognitions, in all honesty, are more because of what the world wants. For us, recognition in terms of employee happiness, business partner delight, and client delight matters!


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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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