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Sresth Surana is an entrepreneur with the vision of next-generation living in the current generation.

Entrepreneur of the Next Generation

One thing I will always be thankful to God for is that I can proudly say that I’m a die-hard optimist.” If you meet anyone who knows me at all, you will understand what I mean. “Whether it is my start-up as a budding entrepreneur or my workout schedule as a fitness freak, I have always done only what I love.” says the (24-year) old enthusiastic entrepreneur, Mr. Sresth Surana, as he laughs while sharing his “philosophy of life” with me while sitting inside his cabin in his office. He goes on to stress that he loves working out, despite the lack of time he encounters from time to time working as an entrepreneur in his new-found company- SHREETEL, His Company has gained the position of being one of the potentially leading companies in the phone accessory store industry.

“Being the manufacturers of all kinds of mobile accessories, we are very keen on quality standards and always strive to give the latest products to our customers at affordable prices.” “We always look for ways to improve our business and boost customer satisfaction,” he says further.

“We offer a complete range of the latest consumer electronics.” “I believe that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business,” he continues. “When you shop with us, you can expect the best.” He enthusiastically adds on. Discussing it with me, he goes on to tell me that he strives to stay “aware of time so that he can maintain a proper work-health balance”.

Mr. Sresth Surana had an impressive educational history when he joined the Deakin University, Melbourne Australia, in the year 2017. After graduating with a degree from there, he developed his interest in fitness at the age of 22. First, he started as a beginner, having 2hours workouts, from which the tenacious hours only increased. He also won many awards and many achievements etc. After completing his education, he did his first work to gain knowledge and experience in the field of finances.

He always had an entrepreneur inside him. He later felt that. For example, whenever any of his friends faced a problem regarding their business, he was the first to take an interest in the conversation. Unlike most new entrepreneurs, who clearly align themselves with safe risk-taking, Mr. Sresth “just likes to go for it” with all that he has. While he uses his instincts for problem-solving as an entrepreneur, his success for fitness is strict discipline. “For me, balance is important. I put a really high value on time management.”

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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