Empowering Women Towards Independence

Ms/Mrs Mahalakshmi

The new entrepreneur and owner of a creative mind, Ms/Mrs Mahalakshmi, has carved out a special place in the market. She doesn’t just help clients get the right choice- her work is much more specific and detailed than that. The entrepreneur’s 9-year-old niche company, Siri Ganesh Enterprises, specializes in creating user-friendly embroidery machines for her clients. This includes helping customers get the ultimate option that can stand the wear and tear of the atmosphere, hard fabric resistant, and design stitches that are less prone to breakage.

Before launching this company, she did her homework to see if there was really a need for the niche enterprise she was contemplating. An entrepreneur by trait, she took various sources to research. She asked them what they thought of it, and most said they were not offering suggestions practical enough. But she didn’t give up.

She discovered through her research and marketing that there was an unfulfilled need in the market for an embroidery aid that could ease the creative but time-taking work. She understood the needs of clients with kids running through their homes here, where sewing is still a part of our Indian home culture. This niche business, which projects more than profit in sales this year, has launched number of latest design machines the latest embroidery models this year.

This all started in 2013 when she decided to start the company, Siri Ganesh Embroidery, as a Brand with Japanese Technology and German Engineering. The reason behind this is that the Japanese have the latest technology and the efficiency of German engineering is known worldwide.

Siri Ganesh Embroidery is at Truly Universal Business with its Diverse Staff being dedicated to creating efficient design models and also new business opportunities in every corner of India to empower women”. As it is her strong belief that until women are financially independent, nothing can be done for the development of a society.

With time, the company saw higher and higher margins in sales. Their good service, proper staff training and dedicated customer support explain it all. With almost 2000+ Happy Customers and Quick Technical Error support to assist them. “This company offers thousands of Designs and opportunities for special women’s skill development through sessions”.

To say that the future of Siri Ganesh Enterprises is further brighter and beyond.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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Sresth Surana

Sresth Surana is an entrepreneur with the vision of next-generation living in the current generation.

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