Rhymly is the first Hindi rhyming app and search engine, for writing the rhymes.


Hi, folks, I think all are doing great. Today StartupsIndia is with founders of Rhymly, let us find their journey. Company Name: Founders: Arpan Khosla, Vishal Kalra, and Aakansha Aggarwal. Founded: 2018 Hi Arpan, this is Dev. Thanks for accepting our invitation and joining with us. Hi Dev. Thank you. Let’s start our talk with the Co-founder& CEO of the startup.

Arpan what are the elements which forced you to start the company?

I (Arpan Khosla) have been a poet & creative writer for more than 11 years & the only thing I have realized is that less time & more creativity are the only ways of warming your bread in this field. I used to struggle with vocabulary, rhyming words and had a lot of incomplete artistic pieces which led to continuous writer’s block. That’s how I decided to start this venture “Rhymly” to help creative writers overcome all the above pain points.

Can you tell me how the travel began?

We started the website which had a search engine, on which if you typed any Hindi word you will find rhymes and, you will get meanings of it. After the successful launch of the website, we got good responses from the public then our team decided to build a mobile app on the Android operating system. The reason for going to the mobile app, all over the globe the use of smartphones is accelerating. Now, Rhymly is a one-stop content tech platform that helps budding creative writers search rhymes & meanings of Hindi words, create original couplets while rhyming on the fly, discover & share awesome content & also get themselves featured on the app every day.

I know you are the Founder& CEO of the company? Any other Co-Founders, if yes? Who are they?

Yes, Dev there are 2 Co-Founders of the company are Vishal Kalra, and Aakansha Aggarwal. As you know me I am Arpan Khosla Founder& CEO, did engineering from NSIT, Delhi and I am professional Hindi POMEDIAN (Poet+Comedian). I always believe that creativity will have the upper hand on vocabulary. I will look out in marketing, content development, social media, and brand collaborations of the company. Vishal Kalra, CTO & co-founder. He is an engineer from NSIT, Delhi. A Technology enthusiast, travel freak and foodie. Aakansha Aggarwal, co-founder. She takes care of graphic, web and app design.

Is the startup journey is so easy? Any obstacle on your way and how do you answer them?

No, it is not an easy journey as of now. As many will think the life of an entrepreneur is so easy, and they will don’t have the idea of the problems we face. Like most startups do, we faced the challenge of money while bootstrapping. But we enhanced our bootstrapping game by getting organic verity on many web tech platforms, newspapers & radio channels.

Have you raised any funding and what is the type of funding?

Yes of course but in the initial stage of the startup, we funded the company by bootstrapping. As we want to reach out to more people over the globe, we are planning to go for seed funding and looking for the funding in the coming up years. Dev if you know anyone, please let us know it will be great for my startup.

Can you give a Brief idea about Rhymly? Why yours?

The unique proposition of Rhymly is to provide an integrated platform to creative writers, which cover the entire process of short content rhyming, writing, storing, sharing and discovering. Rhymly helps creative writers to concentrate only on creativity while leaving the vocabulary part. One can find rhymes of all common Hindi words. Just search for a Hindi word (e.g. Pyaar) and, you will get all the rhymes for it in Hinglish. It is the country’s first Hindi rhyming mobile app.

Who are main competitors for your startup?

The competition includes English Rhyme engines like Rhymezone; Dictionary apps like Google translate and Shabdkosh; Content creation apps like Haiku Jam and Your quote and Content discovery platforms like Terribly Tiny tales.

Growth & Future plans?

Rhymly is working on expanding their rhyming database to include regional Indian and foreign languages to make Rhymly a holistic social platform and also planning to launch offline and online Poetry contests. The app downloads reach more than 5000 in a little span of time.

Tagline which inspires most?

The tagline which encourages me to work more energetic towards reaching my goal is “Heights of Racism: Expecting Life to be fair”

Anything for new Entrepreneurs from your end?

Mediocre work is not worship. Find something which is creative & not mundane. Seek Legacy … Not survival! That’s it from my side. Thank you, Arpan on behalf of our whole team. It is a great journey of your startup to hear from your side. Thank you, Dev. Thanks a lot. It’s pleasure to interact with you. This is DevJ signing off for today. Let us meet tomorrow with new inspiring stories. Website.

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Written by Devender Jadi


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