Retain The Star: The Story of A Job Portal Platform Serving As A Ray Of Hope For Employees as well as Employers

The COVID-19 situations have presented us with countless problems and the consequences of which will be lingering for a long time now, and there is very few organization who are looking at this situation with a pessimistic point of view and is coming up with brilliant ideas for a startup, that not only helps them as an organization but also the community.

One such startup story is of the foundation of Retain The Star. Founded by experts from various areas such as IIT, IIM, XLRI, MDI, this startup is a ray of hope for the employers who are trying to make the ends meet in their business as well as the employees who are subjected to salary cuts and layoffs.

The global economic crisis and its after-effects are leading the employees towards a darker end, and employers are finding it equally difficult to resume their operations like before with the same salary and the same number of employees, that lead to mass layoffs as well as salary cuts. The collective result of all has concluded in financial struggles and a darker future.

Retain The Star is serving as sunlight for those stuck in this inevitable situation and have come up with a brilliant solution to cut the misery of all. The company deals majorly in providing those laid-off employees an opportunity to continue working, and the employers who want to keep their employees but couldn’t afford their cost to retain their loyal worker.

The free of cost platform prevents the employment termination without having the employers go over their investement limit, thereby creating an ideal situation for everyone in the working sector.

The Problem:

Even the biggest corporations in the world have not been able to take the blow of this global economic crisis without being affected, and some of the smaller ones couldn’t even survive it and applied to cease and desist. On one hand, employers are being forced to let go of their loyal workers, even the ones that they wish to retain, in the light of the fact that they no longer can afford their salaries.

On the other hand, the pandemic has put the future and career of all these employees in jeopardy by giving them no hope to hold on, and putting them in huge debt. But the founders of Retain the Star has proved that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Let’s see how.

The Solution:

With everything else happening in the world currently, only contributing more to the issue at hand, there are only a few organizations and people with opportunistic perceptions who are trying to make the best from the worst and startups like Retain the Star is of them.

The concept developed by the founders of these startups works on an exchange system between two companies. One company that wants to retain the employee but couldn’t afford his cost, could lend him to another company for a specific duration till they find a way out of their financial crisis and would be able to hire him again.

This way, the company will be retaining all their employees, another company will also get benefited from the service of trusted and loyal workers and the employee will be able to keep working without having extra financial troubles.

The Mechanism Behind:

Now that you got the idea, about what Retain The Star is about, let us enlighten you about the mechanism of working on this brilliant idea. Basically, the company serves as a platform for the employers of different companies where they could list their laid-off employees.

The employees listed on the platform are basically the ones that the company wishes to retain but since they couldn’t afford their salaries, so they didn’t have much choice but to let them go. The company who is listing the employee will have to provide the website with all their relevant documents so that the authenticity of their identity could be in check.

Now different companies will have the access to the details of these employees from where they can select their desirable candidates that fits the profile. Later on, the company that wishes to hire, and the company that listed the employee will get in touch with each other and will exchange their terms and conditions by reaching an agreement.

This way, the laid-off employee will get a new workplace where he can showcase his talent and the company will also be able to retain him even after the lay off.

The Bottom Line

The Pandemic situation has already taken a lot from us, our freedom, our mental peace, our care-free living style, and gave us unemployment, financial struggles, recession, and a stressful environment in return. But now it’s your chance to not let this pandemic steal any more from you by being a part of Retain The Star.

The startup made for the welfare of all the struggling employers and employees will get a wonderful platform where they will get the solution for all their problems as far as the financial crisis is concerned. It will serve as your one-stop destination to all the answers and solutions to the big question mark that these situations have posed on our career.

Visit their website for more details and contact now to get all the information:

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