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Plant based Meat company “Planted” has raised about $21 million in its second round of funding.

Planted brings delicious meat alternatives to your table. with the aim to save our planet. Therefore, they have no animal suffering, only great taste.

They plant, harvest and produce delicious plant-based meat. Bite by bite we put a tasty end to the conventional meat industry and the resulting suffering for animals and the environment.

They have a big appetite – an appetite for a revolution! To rethink nutrition together and replace animals with vegetable proteins.

With hosting events for celebrations and offering cooking courses and many more activities for engaging the customers to have a complete set of enjoyment.

“We added fermentation/biotech technologies to enhance taste and texture,” wrote CEO and co-founder Christoph Jenny in an email to TechCrunch. “Meaning 1) we can create structures without form limitation and 2) can add a broader taste profile.”

The funding round came from “Vorwerk Ventures, Gullspång Re: food, Movendo Capital, Good Seed Ventures, Joyance, ACE & Company (SFG strategy) and Be8 Ventures,

Their Vision is to revolutionize the way meat is perceived and consumed globally. To initiate a fundamental rethink to reduce the devastating consequences of livestock farming on our planet.
fighting for: taste, environment, animal welfare, and health!

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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