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Moving above the talent barriers By Saumya Kaushik

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A five-year experience as a graphic designer, but after being blessed by a baby boy, Priya had to give up her passion owing to her family responsibilities. It’s not the case with just Priya, but millions of mothers. According to a study, about 51% of the women agree that becoming a mother makes it difficult to advance their careers, whereas only 16% of the men feel the same.

In such circumstances, remote working is definitely emerging as a savior, breaking the talent barriers and connecting talents from across the globe. Priya decided to start with freelancing and stumbled across Growup, a remote employee providing startup and was able to give wings to her career again. With the growing years, remote working is becoming more mainstream, incurring benefits for both the businesses and the people. Digitalization has made remote working more efficient and convenient, and hence more and more organizations are adopting to it.

When Growup was founded a year back, it had the sole vision of hiring requisite talent and create an open and productive workforce. It was tailored to provide a remote working platform to individuals from varied demographics and different walks of life. Today Growup connects the professionals as remote employees to businesses and entrepreneurs. They are a team of 21 skilled individuals working on varied domains including digital marketing, lead management, customer support, website development, social media consultants, human resource assistants, and content writers for their clients.

With the advent of remote working, Growup, as a remote organization is working to make the workplace inclusive for all. “We intend to provide the flexibility to our employees, especially to the students and the mothers who are forced to choose between work and family, owing to this male-dominated society. Remote working completely erases the choice between work and family, imparting equal employment opportunities for all. We look forward to hiring such profound workers, who can work anywhere, anytime, agnostic of the geo-location”, says Saumya Kaushik, founder of Growup Group. With the increasing number of startups, there is a hike in the demand of virtual employees as they are more cost-efficient.

Growup has served about 500 clients, most of which include startups and small businesses from various industries including healthcare, e-commerce, information technology, education, real estate, retail, logistics, and telecom and they look forward to for the expansion of their domains. They are hired by executives to take care of their recurring and toilsome undertakings. The virtual employees take over all the admin -based tasks of a particular company so that the founders just need to focus on the enhancement and growth of their core business.

“The two things we look for in our employees are skills and the intention to work. The reason behind the choice of a person to work remotely enables us to get an insight of the stability of the person. At Growup, the only criteria to judge an individual is the quality of their work. In competencies and non-productivity is intolerable for us. In today’s competitive world, the ability to hire and retain talent is imperative for the growth of any business”, says Saumya. It’s a common notion that virtual employees are non-productive. The truth is, remote working is assisting the employees in striking the perfect work-life balance, and hence their performance is substantially improved. With no long commutes to the workplace and no long office hours, the employees move towards a better mental and physical well – being. The field of remote working is colossal, and with an advanced digital environment, it’s potential is invulnerable. For the people who believe that remote workers are not as competent as the office workers, they need to adapt to this future of work that awaits us.

Writer Profile – Saumya Kaushik

Saumya Kaushik is an Indian author under her pseudonym, Saumya Vivek Kaushik. Saumya’s first book Daughter of a Drunkard Monk, a romance fiction made it to the national best-seller list in 2015. In her freelancing career of over 6 years, Saumya has written for major print and online publications such as Your Story, Women’s Era, Entrepreneur India, Women’s Web and The Speaking Tree. Saumya is a mover in adapting, conceiving and implementing an integrated marketing communications program that blends critical thinking and strategic creativity. Saumya has emotively connected brands like Zomato, Entrepreneur, Blackstone, UNDP, Edique Solutions, Lite Bite Foods & Vatika Group with consumers to deliver communication and business objectives more effectively. She was awarded ‘Best Blogger of the Year’ by Times Network in July 2018 for her blog ‘Insanely Sane’


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