Facebook Has Introduced A Feature Where It Will Inform Users If Any Shared Content is 90 Days Old


In order to empower users to make more informed decisions from their end, Facebook has introduced an all-new feature. The social media platform is taking the feature worldwide as it rolls out a notification screen that informs the users if the time-sensitive content or a news article that they are about to share with everybody is older than 90 days.

In an official statement issued by the company itself, Facebook said, that after being asked, people shared that they would like to see more news-related content on their timeline that is informative. And when people share any sort of news, they often forget to check the date to which it belongs, and sometimes with this mild misunderstanding, the news can be used as a source to create misleading information.

To prevent this and make the users’ timeline more credible and timely, they are introducing this feature of a notification screen that let you know if what you are about to share is more than 90 days old.

It is important to note that Facebook has been actively trying to make its platform better for the customers and to add the features that could prove to be convenient for social media users. To follow that, in the year 2018, Facebook also introduced a context option to its application.

The button allows the user to provide the source of the article in their Newsfeed. On talking about the same, Facebook said that in order to make sure that people have the context that they need to make informed decisions, they are introducing this option.

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