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An ideation!

Information is everywhere and it is free! This is awesome as it feeds the keen. Good to go, ready to accept, not many questions asked and happy to perceive. But there comes a time when there is a need, to dig out what is missing and present the unseen.

This led to the inception of the idea of Leather and You between Rohit and Amit.

How did it start?

After spending a month at a friend’s office while he was unemployed, Rohit gradually started understanding his friend’s business of selling Bike related leather products to another level. After that, he fell in love with most of the products designed, a natural concern came up in his mind, and how his friend is going to market his products. When the friend was asked this question, a conventional approach had been decided for offline marketing and plans for online marketing seemed ambiguous. This really disturbed Rohit as 2015 was the year online marketing and entrepreneurship was blooming. These two concepts were married to each other and there was no way of seeing them apart. Awesome products deserved super awesome marketing.

Not being able to make sense of why the leather industry wasn’t anywhere close or associated with this growth, Rohit decided to do a full research on the leather industry from scratch. Yes, the results were shocking and almost unfair to an extent, that more than a want it became a need, to tap into and share the unexplored massive world of leather. The two friends Amit & Rohit were a perspective on the leather industry as a whole and the pains of a consumer trying to buy just a simple authentic genuine leather product.

What after the research?

Research showed that the leather industry has absolutely no digital presence. Even though it is one of the oldest industries in the world, it is one of the most unorganized sectors on the planet. The importance of leather has been grossly misunderstood and the relevance of leather has been immensely overlooked offline and online.

What is even more disappointing is the Lack of information that people hasn’t been empowered with the knowledge to differentiate between authentic and fake leather products on their own. Understanding the angst of the industry and consumers Amit and Rohit have decided to globally change the face of the leather industry.

What are they currently doing?

One industry, one platform.  It’s time to break every kind of barrier, provide the right information and support artists, designers, brands, sellers, consumers deserve. To start with that, a website is ready with a few authentic listed products which will continuously expand. This particular tailor-made e-commerce platform, for leather products and services, will hand pick sellers and their products and connect with billions of consumers worldwide. The talent, craft, and skill that go into making leather products will be showcased to empower sellers, no matter their size and reach or demographics.

Consumer experience is one of the topmost priorities to Leather and you. Their intrinsic passion to empower customers by giving them all the information they need will aim at providing a hassle-free shopping experience. Consumers will be taught how to identify genuine leather products so that there isn’t a single shred of doubt in the authenticity of the products being delivered. Efforts are being incorporated to disruptively digitalize and establish a global presence of the leather industry. There is a colossal need to connect and create a sense of trust among everyone involved in the manufacturing and the buying process.

Leather and You is going to bridge this gap and bring you the finest experience in not just owning class products but also understanding what they are all about.

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