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In this is start-up era most young people are excited about starting their new start-up and since we have a lot of sources about how to start a start-up. If you have the great idea and skills it’s easy to start a start-up but whereas getting registration for your start-up it’s not an easy thing because it involves a lot of law sections.

It is brainstorming for Entrepreneurs and it takes a lot of time, energy and money. The law not just for registration, the law is applicable to manage and protection of the start-up so to avoid the problem Bala Nadar came up with an idea of startupwala. Startupwala brings all the services under one roof the idea came into reality in the year 2009, Pune.

About the Startupwala:

Most of us don’t know how the law works, many people will afraid just by hearing and thinking of the law rules & regulations. The main problem in the registration of a company is the getting right C.A (charted accountant). There are lot CA persons available in the market, among them; we need to find the best CA for our company is the biggest difficult task. The company mainly depends on the CA; he is the decision maker of the start-up. After registering another major obstacle is the protecting and managing.

We face the problems since we start the company, with the registration, Managing, protecting and while growing also we need to follow a lot of law rules and regulations. For all the services we need to reach out to different individual companies to help the start-ups, but now no because these all services are provided by the Startupwala, to help the start-ups & for growing companies.

Startupwala is India’s first start-up-centric legal platform for start-ups and growing companies, without face to face meetings. The main aim of the Startupwala is to shift law books into the mobile of the entrepreneurs. The Startupwala helps the entrepreneurs and growing companies getting the services from the starting of the company to growth of the company. Startupwala Ranked as the number one mobile app in the business category.

Bala Nadar is the Founder of the Startupwala, completed his bachelor degree DES law college, he is working as the company secretary firm, director of the BMC consultancy services

Why StartupWala:

The start-up which is the leading online legal service provider in India, there are some we should opt to Startupwala;

  • Easy access & user-friendly.
  • Fill out the details and you will get the quotation within 1 minute.
  • The start-up is giving some free services to the clients.
  • Minimal Fee.
  • 10 Years of Start-up Centric Legal Expertise.
  • 100 plus Legal Team.
  • Free legal agreements.


The Startupwala provides end to end services to the client for the legal services it may start-up or the company which wants to be developed in the coming up the years. The Start-up changed the traditional business models and it is the boon to many start-ups. There are many services provided by the Startupwala.

The services provided by the Startupwala are:

Company Registration:

There are a lot of different types of companies in the current scenario; we have Private Limited, One Person Company, and LLP Registration. There are different types of packages for the company registrations they are:

  • Private Limited company @ Rs. 6,299.
  • One Person Company @ Rs. 4,799.
  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) @ Rs. 3,999, these fees are only for the consulting.

The company will provide following free services;

  • PAN.
  • TAN.
  • Domain Name.
  • 1 year of web hosting.
  • 50 emails & Online Accounting Software.

Trademark & IPR services:

For the security reasons, register the trademark with the reason it should not be copied, and copyright registration it will protect the company details which cannot be used as it is.

Trademark Registration @ Rs. 1,499, free services included Trademark Search with Legal Report & 10% discount.

Copyright Registration @ Rs. 4,999, free services “Copyright your Web site, Videos, photographs, Logo, Books, and Software”.

ROC Filling:

Three Roc filling services are given by the start-up;

 ROC Return Filing for Pvt. Ltd. Company @ Rs. 4,999, free services included (” Share Certificate Book + Minutes Book + Statutory Register + Online Accounting Software on our ROC AMC Services “).

ROC Return Filing for OPC Company @ Rs. 2,999 (” Share Certificate Book + Minutes Book + Statutory Register + Online Accounting Software on our ROC AMC Services “).

LLP ROC Return Filing Form 11 & Form 8( Consulting Fees for each form) @ Rs. 1,999 (” QuickBooks Online Accounting Software Worth Rs. 6000 Absolutely Free on our LLP AMC Services “)

GST Registration:

This is another service provided by the start-up, GST Registration within one day @ Rs. 1,999, free services included Online Legal Services Platform in India, Easy, Quick, and Affordable.

  1. ISO & MSME Services:
  2. ISO Certification: We can get ISO certifications from the Startupwala within the 5 days of a week, from any were in the country @ Rs. 4,999.
  3. MSME / SSI Registration:The registration can be done in the 1 day @ Rs. 1,699.

These are various previous free services provided:

Online Legal Services Platform in India, Easy, Quick, Affordable.


The company which is serving a lot of customers all over the country, we can fill the forms we can get registered the legal services. The start-up came up with the mobile application 29th March 2016, which offers its legal service reach to each and every corner of the country. The application will give the easy access to the registration, with the installing the application we can get 21 free services from the start-up.

Till now the start-up served 1, 50,000 customers. The start-up stood India’s Best Online Legal Service Platform for the year 2016. The application 20,000 downloads on Google Play store. Startupwala is the number one Mobile App in Business Category. It extended their offices to the Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai.

The aim of Startupwala is to reach each and every corner of the country and give as fast replay to the customers. The law should not only available in books but also in the customer pockets.

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Written by Devender Jadi


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