Indian Government Received A Letter From TikTok To Resume Operations in the Country


As we are already aware, the banning of TikTok from India is causing China crores of loss every day and that is why the country is determined to do whatever it takes to get the application running in India again. In the recent turn of events, TikTok wrote a letter to the Indian government in which it has agreed upon some terms and is ready to compromise some of the aspects.

According to the letter issued by TikTok, the company is offering India to set up their own center in the country where they could curate various engineers and have them handle the design and development of products. The company also offered to set up a local data center in the country so that the Indian government can keep a close look on what’s happening.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Electronics and IT minister of India received this letter from Kevin Mayer, the CEO of US-based TikTok recently. Reportedly, India is the biggest market of TikTok with about 200 million users.

The short video making and sharing application was banned on Monday along with 58 others belonging to the same country in the light of the fact that it was raising questions on India’s security and the user’s right to privacy because of their data-sharing practices.

The Indian Government has decided to inquire about the matter of these Chinese applications and look into their data-sharing practices after being retaliated by the companies and the Chinese companies will have their hearings in the coming week.

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