The Ban On Chinese Applications in India Has Given An Opportunity To Grow To US and Indian Markets

US and Indian Markets

The American Business Advocacy has accepted the ban on Chinese Applications by the Indian Government with open arms in the light of the fact that these actions will be giving the right opportunities to the US markets as well as the Indian startups to grow and show their potential.

Due to the dispute at the Indo-China border in Ladakh, the tensions have been continuously escalating between both the countries and after the ban on 59 Chinese applications were implicated, it has further ruined the possibilities of having peace between both the countries. Only time will tell who suffers its most loss.

The reason behind the banning of these Chinese applications is said to be citing the threat at the national security in India. The data-sharing practices of these applications were posing a threat to user’s privacy and as a result, it raised the question of security for the government. So keeping everything in mind, the ban on the Chinese applications thought to be a legit, nit just by the officials, but the citizens too.

According to Mukesh Aghi who is the president of the US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum, these applications as per India were accessing and transferring data and therefore the steps taken by the Indian government to protect their own internal security and that serves the support of everyone.

He also said that more that the US market, the Indian companies are more likely to benefit from it. Now with more local startups and ideas, the domestic applications will get a better opportunity.

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