How the Ed-Tech start-up HashHackCode is transforming lives!


HashHackCode provides inclusive Tech education for individuals of all backgrounds and ages. Autistic children, slow learners and many more children with special needs are currently training with HashHackCode on Creative Programming. At HashHackCode, the course is designed in a way that stimulates curiosity to learn.

The complex concepts are broken down and assimilated into simple and logical steps that curate their interest towards creative problem-solving. Students are excited to be a part of their proprietary curriculum whose USP lies in the way it is taught. The trainers are not special educators but are passionate teachers who believe that every individual is unique and have capabilities to reach their full potential when guided and mentored in the right direction.

Not only a promise to do good to society through educational equity, but also empowering a community of change in the truest sense is the Code Mentor jobs offered by HashHackCode. You may be a senior citizen, or you may be a college student. You may even be looking to kick-start your career after a long career break. You need not have prior programming expertise.

Whoever you are, whatever your paper qualifications may be; If you believe in the values that they stand for and enjoy the journey of acquiring a valuable skill: the ability to teach and help a community grow and believe in their ability to succeed, then you can apply to be a Paid Programming Mentor right away. Make a difference to build an inclusive working world for, after all, better begins with YOU.

For more details to apply to be a Code Mentor: drop a mail with your credentials to!


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Written by Sandhya Narayanan

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