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Firefly: An Event that Helps you Build Your Dream Ventures

Firefly is an event to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, leadership qualities, and industry awareness among students of engineering colleges all over the nation. This is the annual Flagship event of CII-NITW, which has always been putting efforts to bring the students the entrepreneurial mindset.

The two-month-long event starts with entrepreneurial talks from inspirational people like Aman Dhattarwal, Harishankaran (Cofounder, CTO of HackerRank), Founders of 100X.VC, Podcasts by Growth School heads, and many more; followed by workshops and mentorship sessions lead the students to the Mega Hackathon where students apply their skills to solve company-sponsored problem statements. At the end of the event, we are confident to see many prototypes of inspiring ideas for market-ready products. We brought in top-class mentors and investors to help our participants through the market product development and scaling post the hackathon. Essentially, we are aiming to take students’ ideas from Zero to One.
Firefly is a 2-month long event starting on February 6. It’s divided into 3 phases:
1. Early Bird Program – To introduce first and second-year students to the world
of entrepreneurship. [Feb 8 – Feb 16]
2. Evolution – A mentoring program to connect students who want to work on a
project or create a business with mentors and provide resources to help them
convert their ideas into a reality. [Feb 17 – March 24]
3. Hackathon – A competition where students apply skills learned at Firefly and
work on company-sponsored problem statements to come up with practical
solutions. [March 25 – March 31]

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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