Bread Jam, as amazing as this name sounds, same is the work carried out by Bread Jam Productions.

Bread jam productions

Bread Jam Productions started out in 2012 with a vision of providing a much-desired stage to various artists who were looking up for an opportunity. With a dream of becoming the biggest production house, it ceased all the opportunity that came along its way and created a name for itself amongst the industry.

Karan Sejwal, founder and CEO of Bread Jam Productions had a vision, a vision to create such a platform where no artist is left heartbroken. Along with the creative and passionate minds across the industry, Bread Jam Productions created such an image that today many artists wish to work with us.

“With experience comes everything” and Bread Jam Productions always followed this theory. Initially, started as a national casting agency, we entered the race of international casting and today, we are one of the best-known casting agency.

Bread Jam Productions has been a part of various national and international projects like Dangal, Sultan, Viceroy House, Soorma to name a few. Apart from casting Bread Jam Productions have been actively producing various ad films in recent times.

With a dream to be the best in the industry, we continue to work harder and strive in every possible situation. Bread Jam Productions has invested its last two years in building up a team that has a solution to every artist’s dream.

Not only production and casting, we at our office have started a small yet proficient coworking space with full of positive vibes that allows everyone to work freely without any hassle. We respect everyone’s need and ensure that each and every artist is well paid according to the industry’s standards.

The best thing about Bread Jam Productions is that we are never late. Not in paying our artist, not on delivering what we have promised and not in appreciating our employees and Clients.

With the boom in the field of marketing and advertising, Bread Jam Productions has also come up with its unique marketing and advertising strategies. With the ever-increasing competition, Bread Jam Productions is a brand that offers you the best output with minimal input. With the blend of our creative mind and thoughts and your requirement, we create a package that attracts everyone’s attention.

Bread Jam Productions has started an initiative where we offer a free workshop twice a month to every budding artist which allows them to get a deeper knowledge about the industry and the work process. Bread Jam Productions conducted its first ever workshop on “The Fine Art of not Giving up “ where the various budding artist was encouraged to follow their dream and overcome every obstacle that comes into their path. They were shown the right doors and all their queries were answered which helped them to plan their future in a better way.

We offer a number of services which includes creative digital advertising and social media planning, great content, in-house production for video and audio, line producing,voice over, radio jingle, 2D and 3D animation, corporate ads, documentaries, featured and short films, Television commercials, product shoot and complete package to our clients. For us, money is secondary as work comes first.

Thus, we are here to mark an impact on the industry and shine like the brightest star in the night sky.


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