Why you have to tell your idea to everyone (My experience).

48 hour startup

When i was reading a book called 48 hour startup from idea to launch there is a one chapter named “Tell everyone your ideas” when I read that headline my mind is thinking like what if other people copy my idea and what if they stole my business plan, at least i din’t know what is inside of that chapter but my mind is thinking faster about what people copy my idea? then I stopped thinking and started reading that chapter but after reading the complete chapter I had understood that telling your ideas to your friends and neighbors, colleagues is not a bad idea, you want to know why so let’s read this complete article or buy 48-hour startup book.

At the end of startup meets or startup expo’s some people will come to us and they’ll introduce themselves and they’ll say i have an idea for a business. Oh, great.., what’s your idea? Oh, I can’t tell you ……….. what if you steal it? they’ll shriek.

Not only this kind of situation we have a lot of examples for this and I will share my personal experience.

When I have an idea of starting a website for startups I didn’t share my idea to anyone except my sister, However i was started and designed a complete website and started uploading startup interviews and I have complete business plan and I know how to make revenue from but within a week I figured out that as a single person I can not post interviews daily if I post I can’t execute my plan exactly.

So I decided to ask my colleagues who are working as a content writer and I explained the complete plan and she said okay I will see and the days are passing and I decided to ask my friend and same I explained my complete idea and business plan of Startups India and this time he said yes so I got relief from writing a content , I can easily execute my plan and I can work on future goals and also easily work technical aspects like designing and digital marketing .

The lesson I have learned from this situation is if you have an idea for a business especially if it’s a half-baked one you should tell everyone who will listen you never know which person might help you they might give you some useful feedback or introduce you to someone who works in your industry.

The conclusion is you share your idea to your friend or colleague they might copy your idea but starting startup is not about the idea it’s all about how we are executing our plan and how things are going that’s it.

What do you think?

Written by Raghava

Raghava is Google certified digital marketer,Wordpress consultant and Founder at .


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