in is an open source education platform and it helps students to get free access to content.

Education is the primary thing in our  life but, everyone can not afford. is an open source education platform which is connecting the tutors and students and helping students to get free access to content.

Startup Name:

Founder: Kunal Kapoor, Sahil Kapoor

Industry: Education


Hi Kunal, what are the reasons which motivated you to start the company?

To work on this unique idea of creating an open source educational website, this will connect the educators, students in an effective way. The website got the positive response from users, and we are clocking good viewers to the site. The YouTube channel launched recently getting a good response from the viewers as it is open source.

How the startup started its journey?

We started by creating a small leads generation website. But soon it turned into a full-fledged open source platform. Now anyone can easily access the website and understand all its features with ease. is now a full-fledged open source platform where anyone can sign up and create online content with ease. Every user now earns from every educative post that he/she creates.

What are the hurdles you faced and how you overcome them?

The main hurdle is solving the technical problems. There were so many issues with the website platform initially but eventually, we transforming ourselves by learning new skills and techniques by which we are solving the obstacles.

The second one is finding the human resources for the startup, as every organization mainly depends on the HR to run effectively and efficiently. We recruited people through various methods, and we successfully selected the right people by the right choice.

About funding from starting of the startup to right now?

The startup funded by bootstrapping. The startup currently, generating some revenue. Currently, we are looking out for funding to expand our reach and capabilities in the market. We are contacting various agencies and Venture capitalists for the investments in the company. If any venture or individual interested to invest in the company they can contact us.

About startup. Why is an open source education platform. It is free for the Educator as well as students. We offer all our resources free for all. There are no charges to view any content from anyone on our website.

Additionally, our website offers a business model which is suitable for both the Content creators and regular users who want to have access to open educational content. mission is to promote open and free learning.


Kunal Kapoor

I am B.Tech Graduate from VIT Vellore. I passed out in 2014 and have worked in private sector for 3.5 years. While I am working in the Jaipur, I got this idea which made me quit my job. I will work on website design and development, algorithms, SEO, digital marketing and planning.

Sahil Kapoor

B.Tech graduate from SRM University in 2018. He has worked on several website projects during his college periods and has great knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, Jquery, JAVASCRIPT, and SQL. He is my brother, and we are both working together on this website every day.

Developments & Future plans?

Currently, we at are in a rapid expansion phase. We are taking tremendous amounts of user signups and are clocking high degree of website usage. Users on our website are creating content at an ever growing pace.

We are also updating our website user interface to accommodate such large volumes of content coming in. We are also aiming to hit the foreign markets also by the end of this year.


There are many competitors with respect to us. Most of their content is limited to users as they restrict. But, on the other hand, we offer a completely open access website to all users. If you are a registered user, then they can literally access anything posted on our website for free.

Inspiration tagline:


Our startup will always promote free and open source learning to all. Irrespective of region or age, the content on our website will be available to all for free.

At the same time, the content creators will also get a monetary benefit from their post that they create.

What do you think?

Written by Devender Jadi


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