Top 10 Startup Stories in 2018 By Startupsindia.

Top Startups in 2018 by startupsindia

We at presenting you the most read startup stories by our users in 2018. Startupsindia is started in 2018 with goal of createting complete platform for startups that includes story publishing, social network. is started by Raghava and later his friend jadi joined with him as content writer ,now he is a chief editor at startupsindia and written more than 100 stories.

From starting to this day we’ve published around 140 startup stories and funding news, and we have recently introduced a startup directory where everyone can list their startup for free. We’ve selected a few stories which are most engaged by our users in 2018.

#1.WashApp is re-defining the way you do laundry.

With a rapidly growing population in Hyderabad, working professionals and couples are increasingly looking for on-demand services to their daily needs, and laundry is definitely one of the activities topping their ‘to-do’ work list on weekends. To Overcome this situation Dheeraj and Vinil Chandra Ranga Started Startup Called WashApp.Reade complete journey of Washapp.

#2. How NRI Friends Turned a Personal Crisis Into An Opportunity.

SHMedics (SHM) is a Parental Lifestyle and Wellness Management Company. At SHM, we understand your concern for your parents’ and family’s health and well-being, especially when you cannot be with them in person. Therefore, combining our decades of knowledge of technology and healthcare, we have put together a ‘one-of-its-kind’ digital solution, built to provide health care assistance to the loved ones back home. Thus adding “life to years and years to life.”

#3. Let’s explore the world with Visa Guide.

Forged in the streets of Mumbai with a lot of food, travel stories & pinch of emotions from around the globe, Visa Guide is a contemporary company bringing in a fresh perspective to travel industry. They cater to all visa related needs from visa application to visa consultancy.

They empower travelers by saving their time for application, giving them a secured storage locker for their documents and taking the hassle away from the entire visa process for every country & any purpose.

#4. Sidharth went from flunking in a subject to building a highly profitable company.

Sidharth Jain, the founder of Graffersid, is on a mission to improve the startup success rate. Current startup success rate stands at less than 10% while the success rate of his clients is at 85% one of the highest in the industry. Graffersid is a website and mobile application development company based out of Indore, one of the fasted growing cities in India.

This is him sharing how he faced challenges to become a widely know Entrepreneur in the startup ecosystem and won multiple prizes. Since this blog is for college students we will start with Sidharth’s college days.

#5. Flarow – AI based Free Apartment Management Software for Gated Communities and Housing Societies in India.

The idea for our startup came from a very simple incident. The water was not coming properly in my wash basin, and my parents wanted me to raise the complaint since they can’t speak Tamil. The problem is that to raise the complaint I had to physically go down to the security and write it in the complaint register. And you know how mornings are right? I was already getting late for office and just wanted to rush. But instead, I had to go down to write the complaint in the register.

I was like really? In this day when everything is done online why can’t I just raise this complaint from my mobile while I am in my room or while on the way to the office? So we started this. Flarow journey from scratch to startup.

#6. All You Need To Know About The Food Startup Samosa Singh.

The couple Nidhi and Shikhar Singh in2016 came up with an idea of starting of the Start-up named WoknStove Foodworks Pvt Ltd, which sells innovative samosas under the brand name Samosa Singh, to give the best samosa and different flavor samosas to the customers.

#7. Helping Professionals & Organizations to adapt Lean Six Sigma to their DNA.

Profitability is “Selling Price – Expense”, the bulk of the business focuses on the selling price and ignores to optimize their processes & reduce expenses. This was the decisive moment when XergY was incepted with the aim to help the organizations to optimize their processes with the statistically proven tools & techniques of Lean Six Sigma “Lean Six Sigma” is a very powerful & proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness.

#8. Pattem Digital: Heralding a new era of new-age product companies.

Pattem Digital brings in a unique expertise of power, purpose, and technological deliverance to help companies launch new products and services. Pattem Digital offers state of the art Data Science, AI and Machine Learning development solutions for global companies. It also has made an incontrovertible mark in the industry with its Strategy (consulting), UX Research, Experience Design, UI Development, Mobile Apps, Technology (Node JS, PHP Development, Java Development, .Net Development, and SAP Solutions), AI & ML, Game Development, and IOT solution.

#9.The Journey of Soham Web Solutions from Institution to an It-Company.

Soham Web Solutions is an IT-based Company so we resolve all the problems related to the IT sector. The services and products provided by us are – Web Development, Web Designing and Online Marketing, E-commerce Solutions.

#10. “Age is no barrier when it comes to travel” Say’s 13 years old travel blogger Rainna Goel.

Travels A La Carte’ started in the summer of 2018 and it showcases a series of travel experiences that infuse my flair for fun-filled globetrotting.  At the age of 13 most childrens spent time on playing games and watching cartoons. But Rainna Goel at age of 13 she started a travel blog and gained a lot of followers through her blog, StartupsIndia recently interviewed her about  her Blogging journey.

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