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The Amazing Interview with Ayush Jhawar, Co-founder, Genefied.

About the Founder

I Ayush Jhawar co-founded Genefied Brand Protection Solutions in 2018. I have always been passionate about technology and worked extensively to bring many breakthrough solutions to the industry. I left my family business to pursue my interest in the technology domain and founded my first business venture, the Web Shuttle in 2013.  The business model of the startup was based on selling websites and apps to prospective buyers. Later, Genefied happened in 2018 and since its inception, we have been successfully offering innovative solutions in the field of Loyalty Management, Digital Warranty Activation, Supply Chain Traceability, and Anti-Counterfeiting, among others. I am an alumnus of the prestigious Lancaster University and attribute my success to the learning and exposure I got during my academic years.

Startup Introduction

I co-founded Genefied Brand Protection Solutions in the year 2018 and since then, the company is operating from its head office in the national capital of India, Delhi. The name of the company is made up of two words, Gene and Modified, and is aligned with the nature of solutions offered by the brand – the modified versions of the existing tool and technologies available in the market. The primary Idea behind the startup is to help companies ensure that only genuine products reach end consumers and to that end, we came up with the GenuineMark solution. In time, the unprecedented support of its clients encouraged us to broaden our offerings and include loyalty management, traceability services, and anti-counterfeiting solutions in its portfolio. Combinedly, these services are today helping clients to fix their broken supply chain, ensuring authentic products, and improving brand positioning among the target market.

About the Idea

Being a technology enthusiast, I always keep a close tab on how innovation happens and industries work. After years of extensive studies of businesses, I realized that counterfeit products pose a critical threat as they can easily damage the hard-earned brand reputation of firms. To counter this menace of fake products, we launched Genefied and offered our flagship solution to companies called GenuineMark. With the passage of time, we expanded our portfolio and today our solutions include Rewardify, SupplyBeam, Scan&Win, DWAM, and HybridOcean. This holistic constellation of services has helped us to achieve a revenue milestone of 1 million by serving companies in FMCG, Electronics, Plywood, Home Equipment segments and more.

Innovation and Uniqueness.

Today we offer a one-stop solution to companies which are looking to manage customer loyalty, fix the supply chain, and tackle the menace of counterfeit products. Our solutions are class-leading and with the help of a single QR code on products, our clients can easily manage traceability, loyalty, digital warranty, and authenticity of products throughout the entire value chain. Our tamper-proof QR code makes them unique and unclonable and this explains firms operating in varied domains are banking on our solutions for optimising their functional procedures and operational mechanisms while delivering original products to the target market.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to become a leading solution provider for authenticity solutions, loyalty management programs, digital warranty management, and traceability services. We aim to become the Largest Loyalty Solution provider in the world to help companies effectively manage their operations across production, marketing, or after-sales service. In terms of the mission statement, we are enabling companies to achieve complete control over their supply chains to effectively manage the loyalty of their customers for enhanced profitability and market share.

Product and Services

We offer a host of service solutions and prominent among these are loyalty management programs, and anti-counterfeiting solutions. In addition, we also offer digital warranty activation and management services that help consumers to keep close track of warranties applicable to their purchases. Our supply chain traceability service is also worth mentioning as it helps our clients to effectively fix their broken supply chains and derive synergy for the efficient functioning of the entire value chain.

Problem and Solutions

One of the primary issues that industries today are grappling with is flickering brand loyalty. Our QR-based loyalty management solution is the best in the segment and comes with unique features to help companies retain their customers by encouraging repeat purchases and strengthening brand loyalty. We also offer reliable solutions for combating the menace of counterfeits and fake products. Besides, Genefied is a leading name in offering supply chain traceability solutions which are critical for achieving a sustainable competitive edge in the market.

Market and target Audience

We are offering services in the B2B domain, and our clients are spread across product categories in varied industries. Primarily our customer base is concentrated in the manufacturing industry and consists of companies operating in the categories such as FMCG, Plywood, Electronics and Home Equipment. We also have a substantial presence in cosmetics, kitchen, electrical, and tyre among others.

Success and Achievements

Since its inception in 2018, we are achieving new milestones of success in terms of both business profitability and customer satisfaction. We have many acclaimed laurels to our credit including the Business Transformation Award (2021-22) for the category of Good Business bestowed by the HT Mint Tech Circle. We have also been able to grab the Start-Up KICKOFF Entrepreneur Award-2022 for demonstrating exceptional capabilities in terms of capturing the target market and achieving desired growth.

Funding round

To power the next stage of growth and expansion, we are actively looking forward to funding opportunities from both angel investors and institutional entities. We have successfully raised a funding amount of Rs 50 lakh recently from Achin Kochar, Director at VI-John Group and now actively planning to bring on board investors who are aligned with our strategic intent to take the success story of the company to a new level.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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