Education Without Technology is Like Food Without Salt, Say’s Founder Of MyTutorsOnline.


Startup Name: MyTutorsOnline.

Founder Name: Sapna Jha.


Hi, can you give a brief about yourself?

Myself Sapna Jha, an edupreneur, passionate about education & technology, innovating each day to spread quality education.I am a post-graduate in Instrumentation & Commercial Methods of Industrial Analysis, B.Ed. I started my career journey as Research Associate in the Jubilant Organosys Ltd., Noida in its Formulation Analytical Research Lab 13 years ago.

I worked on Analysis of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Using Advanced Instrumental Methods. I was very much inclined towards education and technology and so I came across online education platforms. I worked for various reputed online education companies and gained experience in this field. Skilled in Industrial Analysis, Lecturing, Editing, Educational Technology, and Instructional Design, I have always loved to work in the area of the interface between education and digital technology.

What are the factors which influenced you to start the startup?

There are many concerns when it comes to education such as safety, economic conditions, getting the best mentor at affordable fees, time, energy and much more which devalue the education system making it more corrupt. I felt that the education system needs drastic revamping and this could be achieved only through providing quality education with ease of access 24/7 throughout the year.

Education without technology is like food without salt. One should mix the correct recipe to obtain perfect learning. Education must be accessible to every learner, be it from a village or from a posh city or even any location globally.

This influenced me to develop and provide the world’s largest global online tutoring platform for a learner to study instantly live online anywhere, anytime irrespective of the native language, time zone and physical location globally. Instead of searching hard for the quality education nearby or far off physically, one must avail the best education instantly at one’s own home.

How did your journey start towards your Startup?

Well, my daughter has been the catalyst for my startup. She used to ask me various inquisitive queries all day long. I just thought one day if she could get an instant online tutor who could solve her queries 24/7,and that’s how MyTutorsOnline Born.

As I have interviewed many people in these 6 months as of my experience initial journey to setup startup is not so easy? What is your opinion on it? And how you overcome it?

Yeah, you are right. The initial journey has not been so easy. It has been quite struggling financially as well as physically since setup. Understanding your market space, Customers needs and profiling, Finance and developing a user-friendly interface platform are some of the most important challenges.

Being a startup mother is again a big personal challenge where you need to balance your time between family and your business. When it comes to overcoming these challenges, apart from all the technical knowledge and understanding what you need is a solid family backup. And I am fortunate to get that.

I utilized my personal investments for keeping everything in place for the startup. I used to work late nights with my small baby in my lap to complete each work I planned. It was struggling and adventurous too to bring an organization alone to a level where things could work properly.

How you funded your startup?

Till now it has been bootstrapped on my own.

Sapna Jha
Founder of MyTutorsOnline

About your company? Why people should opt your startup?

We at MyTutorsOnline believe that each learner is unique and instant help is the call of the hour. That’s why we have come up with the customized Digital Learning technology. Whether you need help understanding a complex topic, difficult assignments, preparing standardized tests or is stuck up in any unsolved question, we have the expert online tutor ready to help and mentor you instantly to reach your academic goals.

Our vision is to provide the world’s largest global instant online tutoring platform for a learner to study instantly live online anywhere, anytime irrespective of the native language, time zone and physical location globally.

People should opt for us for unique features:

  • Instant Live Online Tuition
  • Adapted Learning
  • Replay Live Sessions
  • Highest Score Accelerator
  • Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Global Learning
  • A study in Native language
  • More Play

Is the startup growing at good phase according to your plans? What are the upcoming plans from your end?

Yes, absolutely the startup has been growing good as per the plans. We started with just 1 student. Now in 2 years span of time, we have around 100 sign ups per month. Our traffic is growing day by day.

We are planning to make it available in various international languages to support learners across the globe.

I think everyone has some inspiring person in their life and some taglines? who are they what is their role in your startup life?

Yeah, I too have some inspiring persons in my life.

My own generated taglines:

  1. Do only that which insists you to be more alive. Be eternally optimistic.
  2. Don’t let negativity kill you within. Be dominating, throw it in the dustbin.
  3. If you are passionately determined, nothing can stop you. Go ahead, reach for the stars.

Inspiring persons are friends and family. Some friends are already into online education. I also have been a part of online teaching. Putting together my experiences, their work and dedication motivated me to start a venture of my own. Their role has been a strength, providing optimism at every step.

How hard is it to have a work-life balance as a startup founder and how do you manage it?

Yes, it has been hard to have a work-life balance as a startup founder and also a mother of a toddler. Being the single individual handling all aspects of the organization, it has been challenging all the way long. I divide my timings between company and family with the stipulated schedule and try to follow that. I don’t hesitate in seeking help whenever and where ever required and most important is to be disciplined with your planning. In this way, I have been able to take care of the family as well as my startup.

What is your opinion on Any suggestions? has been doing amazing work by sharing success stories of start-ups & entrepreneurs. This helps to enhance their visibility and engagement with a tech-savvy base of readers. This is a great endeavor to inspire coming generations. A great source of inspirations for new generation entrepreneurs to get motivated to innovate more.

What is your experience as an Entrepreneur?

For me “Entrepreneurship is adventurous & exhilarating. The more you dive into, the deeper you would want to.” In the entrepreneurial journey, I have experienced that one should have a crystal-clear picture of what you are doing and why you are doing. If you fail in your venture, what will you do? So be prepared for the best and the worst.

There are great ideas taking birth every single day but most of them don’t see the light of the day. And it is confusion and insecurity that’s stopping these people. If you are confused about whether you should startup or not, better not to start. Unless you have the inner drive, you will keep getting distracted by external forces. If you believe in your idea, stop thinking and take the leap. You will see things automatically falling in place.

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