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If you are looking to learning Singing, be it classical (Carnatic or Hindustani) or film songs or strum the Guitar for your favorite songs or play Violin, but found it difficult to find a tutor or hard-pressed for time look no further than musicmaster.

Musicmaster is an online video platform specially designed for music education where tutors take live music classes to the students. The advantage is you can customize the lessons, go at your own pace and learn all this at the comfort of your home. The classes are one to one with a trained music tutor. This lets the tutor understand the student better and learning is relatively fast.

Musicmaster was born out of frustration when Vijay Anand, CEO & Co-founder wanted to join Guitar classes a few years back. Finding a good tutor and travel post office hours was a big challenge. Soon Arul, CTO & Co-founder joined him to set up this platform.

The platform currently has 20+ tutors in Carnatic, Hindustani, Guitar & Violin and plans to add another 100+ tutors and more instruments in the next few months. The company was predominantly focusing on Tamil speaking customers and has just started focussing Telugu and Hindi speaking customers. 

Currently, more than 80% of our customers are adults. Musicmaster accepts students >10 years.

A lot of tutors do online classes using Skype & WhatsApp video calls. But these platforms are not designed for music education. the musicmaster platform has inbuilt tools like Shruthi box, Metronome, Guitar tuner, Vocal Pitch monitor, etc. which makes learning music interesting. Tutors can give live feedback using these tools.

Future Plans of Musicmaster in Founder Vijay Anand words

Founders NG Vijay Anand & Arul Siva Murugan (from right to left)

We currently have around 25 tutors predominantly for Vocals & Guitar. We added Piano and Violin recently. Currently, we focus predominantly on Tamil speaking customers.

We plan to add another 100+ tutors in the next 3-4 months and get into new geographies – Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Hindi.

We are now one year old, and due to the current situation (COVID 19), we are seeing a steady demand for our services on our platform. We intend to build our product lines catering to the growing demand.

We are completely bootstrapped and we have just started discussions to raise our first institutional round.

Going forward the company intends to leverage technology and make learning music easy. So if you want to learn music at the comfort of your home, check out their website

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