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Leadup Universe is inspiring and building the next generations of C-suite leaders through their mentoring.

About the Co-founders.

Rashmi Mandloi, the co-founder of Leadup Universe, has more than two decades of enviable corporate experience to her credit. A well-known name in the startup world, Rashmi has played a key role in building organisations, developing cultures, and managing teams for a number of companies in the financial sector. Her uncanny ability to motivate and inspire C-suite executives has proved instrumental in her leading organisations on the path of continuous growth and development. She has won many international accolades including the exceptional women of excellence award from the Women Economic Forum in 2019.

Mayank Verma, the co-founder of Leadup Universe, has more than twenty years of corporate experience in handling business operations across multiple product categories and service domains. Some of Mayank’s distinctive capabilities include his capacity to build markets, curate new products, coach leaders, and offer consultancy services to help businesses achieve more profitability and greater market share. He has worked with leading names such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Samsung among others. As Co-founder & CEO of Leadup Universe, Mayank is overseeing the business, company’s strategic partnerships and  product design capabilities.

About the Startup

Leadup Universe was established in 2021 and is headquartered in Gurgaon with a regional presence in Mumbai. The company aims to fulfil the career goals of aspiring CXOs through its advanced Executive Career Playbook. The playbook offers career-building tools for the development of C-suite capabilities and also offers coaching/ mentoring by top-level executives to aspiring CXOs. The company also extends aspirants regular opportunities to interact with professional networks as this exposure is particularly relevant for executives to get success in top leadership positions.

Idea and Concept

In today’s fast-changing business environment, the role of C-suite executives has become extremely critical. These top-level echelons must have solid foundations of critical thinking, leadership skills, and forward planning. Unfortunately, most executives lack these critical skills and as a result, fail to make an impact once promoted to leadership positions higher up the hierarchy. Leadup Universe is solving this skill gap by equipping middle and senior-level executives with desired levels of knowledge and skills through its flagship programs of executive learning and the Playbook platform.

Innovation and uniqueness

The primary distinguishing aspects of Leadup Universe include its hybrid model of engagement, mentoring by top-level CXOs, and curated exposure to networks of top echelons. In fact, all these unique aspects are helping the company to carve a niche for itself and explain the highish 95% completion rate for its courses compared to an average of 50% for self-study courses in the industry.

Mission and Vision

Leadup Universe is set out on an ambitious journey and envisioned creating 2k CXOs by 2026. This new crop of top-level executives will redefine the code of work in the coming years and enhance the growth of businesses across product categories and service domains. In terms of the mission statement, Leadup Universe is vying to accelerate the growth of the category by investing in a Trifecta of capability, coaching & personal brand.

Product and Services

Leadup Universe offers a range of Executive Education Solutions which are carefully curated in collaboration with top universities and corporate houses across the globe. These solutions offer insightful knowledge and help aspiring CXOs develop industry-relevant skills to make competent business decisions. The company also offers an aspiring CXOs playbook platform which is playing a key role in building capabilities, skills and networks among next-generation leaders of tomorrow.

The problem and Solutions

Among the fundamental issues that aspiring CXOs face is the lack of access to professional networks, leadership thinking, and solemnity to become an excellent C-suite player in the industry. In the absence of all these critical abilities, most mid-senior level executives often feel stuck in their career path and hit the glass ceiling. Worse, they fall prey to sporadic and unstructured solutions which further aggravate their problems and lead to mental exhaustion and uneventful career paths.  To help aspiring CXOs reach the pinnacle of success in their careers, Leadup Universe offers a range of Executive Education Solutions that offers best-in-class knowledge and exposure and open up new opportunities for aspiring professionals.

The Market and Target Audience

The target audiences of Leadup Universe are aspiring CXOs (N-1s/ N-2s) and leaders operating at the levels of middle and senior-level positions. The solutions offered by the company aim to help aspiring professionals grasp the advanced knowledge and skills that are critically important to perform well in leadership roles in the corporate world. In terms of the markets, the company is currently focused on the Asian continent and will gradually enhance its reach to other parts of the globe in the future.

Success and Achievements

Leadup Universe has many industry firsts to its credit including the tie-up with XLRI which will lead to the launch of Asia’s first diploma program for CHROs. This program will offer aspirants a learning opportunity from the best faculty members besides providing them with industry exposure and a live campus immersion program. The company has also successfully curated CXO Club with 100+ CXOs who are committed to coaching and mentoring aspiring CXOs to the path of success.

The “Aspiring CXOs playbook” of Leadup Universe is a success story in itself. The platform has already 10k leaders in the pipeline and offers curated content for building capabilities and competencies among the next-gen CXOs.  The playbook also offers a cohort-based learning experience facilitated by International experts and academicians from top-ranked universities. In addition, the platform has career services and networking opportunities on offer to aspiring C-suite executives.

The Funding Round

Backed by Lumis Partners, Work Universe, and Industry veterans like Dr NS Rajan (former CHRO of Tata Sons) and Ms Sulbha Rai (Chief People Officer at, Leadup Universe is fast spreading its wings on both the national level and global arena. The new development of being acquired by Board Infinity shall further enable the company to build capacity and power its expansion plans in India and other Asian markets.



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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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