KindKonnect Technologies is trying to solve real world business problems in Analytics field of Data, Video, Face using Artificial Intelligence.


For Ravinath Sinha alumni of IIM Raipur zeal was already there to build a venture of his own and he was waiting for the opportune time to realize his ambition while working for his previous organization getting the right exposure & experience and also gazing the market scenarios to jump in.

It all started with a birthday wish phone call to an old client cum friend that made him take the brave step and test his passion in the ever-evolving IT services. After reconnaissance for over 2 months, he finally set up his own IT solutions startup KindKonnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with his college junior Kumar Vimal in May 2018 which specializes in IT solutions, Data Analytics & Predictive Intelligence.

KindKonnect Technologies is trying to solve real-world business problemsin Analytics field of Data, Video, Face using Artificial Intelligence. For the first time ever in India, we have started a concept of an integrated Analytics Solution includes Face Recognition, Video Analytics, Text and Data analytics. We have made our product for Face Recognition System, Video Analytics, Traffic Management, and Predictive Intelligence.

KindKonnect Video analytics can help Government and enterprises through Intrusion Detection, Object Classification, People Counting, Queue Management, Crowd ManagementPeople Tracking and Traffic Management. Our unparalleled information extraction capabilities including entity and relationship extraction at high accuracy, vast quantities of unstructured data like open source data, social media data, public data can be combined to create accurate entity networks linked to topic analyses and community structure decompositions.

The basic idea behind the startup was Customer Experience. Unlike most IT companies we wanted to be customer service oriented rather than Product or Services oriented company says Ravinath and also points out the name of the company KindKonnect which reflects the bonding (connect) with the clients. He adds that it was the bonding that he shared with his clients of the previous organization that made him realize that the IT companies are providing proprietary based solutions that focuses on license fee-based business models instead of the customized or problem specific designed solutions catering to the needs of the clients.

The company focuses on delivering ‘Readily deployable IT customized as per the customer needs’ we aim at providing the solutions which meet the Strategic Business Objective of the client stresses Vimal who not only is the co-founder and CTO of the startup also recruits the technical staff himself. When asked about the recruiting process Vimal says that today everybody has big dreams but have no realistic way to achieve them hence he recruits people who are a fit to a good team.

He says that understanding the key pain points of the customer is the key to delivering the solutions, and vividly recalls the journeys he’s made on the back of the bike in the rural area’s of Bihar for nearly a month to understand the issues for a particular State Govt. automation project. He believes that sometimes deep diving into a complex problem itself reveals the solution.

KindKonnect which is based out of Delhi isn’t shy of dreaming big having recently bagged a project for a London based Musical instruments tutor company for development of their end to end online business platform and is also helping the state governments automate processes to bridge the digital gap.

It is in partnership with the farming communities in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Assam by regulating the irrigation system through automation. When asked why they took the rural development projects the founders echo in unison that the idea itself was solving a valid problem of Irrigation among the farmers and they also wanted to test the technology in uncharted waters plus this project gives us more time to find our feet.

They have also developed a Facial Recognition System (FRS) software which can operate at a level of 10 million matches per second and is used to monitor city surveillance, airport scanning & surveillance, help NGOs & Govt. agencies find missing children, keep a tab on criminal and terrorist activities by military/ law enforcement agencies.

The company which currently is bootstrapped by the partners has no plans for Investments or VC at the moment but the startup won’t look away from Investments if the need be. They already have declined 2 offers for a stake in the company by rivals and are keen on developing their own portfolios of companies.

Definitely we will miss out on the contacts and an opportunity to grow our network by declining the offers but we currently solely want to focus on the philosophy of the company that started it says Rishi Katiyar batchmate of Ravinath also an alumni of IIM Raipur, who was brought on by Ravinath as a partner in the startup to look after Business Development. It is tempting to go to Venture Capital Fund and get a valuation of the Startup so early on, but the partners don’t want to be bothered by the standard clauses and the differences in philosophy of VCs.

KindKonnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. currently has 6 projects under them and are progressing cautiously, biting in the market what they can chew. The IT industry is a glamorous affair but the Heads of the company surely have their heads on the shoulders and in the right direction so far as they aim for creating value rather a valuation.

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