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Astrology startup does a business of 41 lacs every day

Everyone knows that our future is uncertain and unpredictable. Most of the Indian startups are working towards finding modern-day solutions to problems, whereas this Startup is solving our future problems.

Astrotalk, an Indian startup, solves future problems by giving predictions about your tomorrow in the present. The Startup has served more than 2crore people in the last 4 years and currently does a business of about 41 lac rupees daily. Numbers suggest that the Startup is growing by 20% month every month.

Astrotalk’s target customers must be people in their 40’s, right? However, that would be completely wrong to say because most of their clients are in the age group of 21 to 35 years. Most of the queries that people bring are related to their well-being. Stats says that 30% are related to career, 60% are love, relationship, and marriage-based questions, the remaining 10% relate to wealth, health, and finance.

Fun fact Puneet Gupta, the founder of Astrotalk, did not believe in astrology before, but his friend, an astrologer, predicted that he would start a company in 2015 in the IT field, which came out to be true.

Astrotalk is a bootstrapped organization and is considered one of India’s most successful bootstrapped companies. It has also emerged as the leader in the field of astrology in India. The Startup has over 2500 astrologers on the app. The app provides 24×7 talk to customers via chat or phone call. The Startup has over 1,50,000 minutes of consultation every day.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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