India-Us Will Partner On 5G To Create Digital Infrastructure For Future

Nisha Biswal, who is the president of the US-India Business Council, shortly known as USIBC, on 17th July made this statement ahead of the scheduled India Ideas Summit on July 21st and 22nd. The Summit is organized by the USIBC in which the Prime Minister of India is going to address the event.

The statement by the President of USIBC that made such claims reads, “’I do think that the technology sector is a very important area of collaboration between our two countries. We have a very trusted relationship, and we have a very large digitally savvy population in both countries.”

“So I do expect that digital commerce and all areas of technology collaboration are going to continue to grow. I also think that the US and India will partner on 5G and creating a kind of digital infrastructure of the future. And this will continue to be an area of growing importance,’ Biswal continued.

The statement was given by Nisha Biswal in an interview with ANI where she also said that she believes the new digital world is flourishing and everything concerned with the technology sector and adding digitization to the commerce area will continue to grow.

She also said that the economic partnership between both the countries, the United States and India, is going to prove fruitful for both of them and they can serve each other mutually through this collaboration.

The upcoming summit, which is going to be addressed by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will feature powerful leaders from different sectors such business, government and society and the summit will discuss a wide array of topics which also includes the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare system and the global supply chain.

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